Getting Business Right in China

Bussiness getting new treatment in China

I’ve traveled all over India covering lengths and breadths of the countries including the remote areas and connecting with so many people,retailers,distributors and suppliers.But this was something different and new when our company decided for the first time to get global and incorporate foreign technology for better processing and improving the quality of our product.Then the instances happen one day when my boss connected to a company in China who agreed to work with us and help us to develop our manpower and train them.

I reached Shanghai with my marketing team and first impression was excellent infrastructure and skyline buildings everywhere with clean roads and busy traffic. Everything seem to be well organised in Shanghai and people seem to be busy in their work and duties.




I feel extremely lucky to be an organisation which focuses on employee skill development,providing key training and arranging professional workshops and seminars.In order to keep up with ever changing knowledge of industry and keep updated with current environment,such conference help you to get technical aspects of industry and meet diverse people.


Personally, I enjoyed meeting workers and attending conference that feature a varied set of topics and speakers from different parts of world and perhaps we were able to share different techniques and upgrade our knowledge.



After the conference,the host company included some kind of after- business party where everyone took advantage of this opportunity and tried to increase their contact and business relationship.I was happy that I carried my tablet which was helpful to take important notes and presentation.I am very happy to find that the host company had organised special Indian breakfast and lunch facilities for us which was a great gesture and we felt special having India food in Shanghai.


Late Night Dinner and After – business party


On last day of business trip.I decided after Hotel breakfast to visit Tian an men square and do some street shopping at Wangfujing Street.


Thank you to all those who believed in me and my capabilities and help me unlearn,develop and relearn my skills.