Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Most of the times we are not able to understand whether to honor our parents or follow our dreams. People have lot of dreams as they enter teenage stage but worry about what others would think and how they will be reacting to it. It is only few who are able to get courage, support and confidence to fight and live the life as they want. In our country, this situation is even more difficult for girls as they have to face their parents, social status, being the only child and many other issues. It is only few who come and show their resistance and speak up for themselves.


I know a close family relative in my life that was the shyest girl and would never speak up with anyone but now is one of most successful manager in a big multinational company. Her journey has been inspiration for me and if she can work while studying and reach such a stage then we all can achieve our dreams. Few years back. Her father was very worried about her as he was reaching age of retirement and there were medical problems with her mother. She was still in college and most of his father expenses were spent on medical bills. It was the turning point for her life when her father told her to get married and that it was difficult for him to arrange finance for her college fees. But she thought marriage was not the solution and instead decided to continue education so that she can get a good job and help her family later. In order to support herself and ease some pressure for her father, she made a decision to do a part time job in vocational college as a receptionist. Her father was angry at her and asked her many times to leave it but she was strong and decided to study and work at same time. At the end when her studies were completed, her father was proud of her and realized his mistake as she funded her college fees and got placed in multinational company.

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