Surajkund Mela at a Glance

Surajkund Arts and Crafts Mela is held every year in the month of February for 15 days from 1st Feb to 15 Feb.This is one of the most famous fairs organised in Surajkund,Haryana and this initiative is part of Incredible India campaign and supported by Haryana Tourism Department for promotion of traditional arts and crafts and to motivate artists from all over the country.


During the festival various cultural programs are held everyday and people from all over the country participate in the fair to display and sell their traditional dresses and their handmade products to the locals. I visited this mela this year with my family and relatives and was overwhelmed by the number of stalls and their designer products and their creativity.

On entering the Surajkund Mela through the main gate,I felt as if it is a global village where many talented artists representing different states have assembled here to showcase their exclusive items and share their feelings with us.There was a tight security in the area as the President had came to attend the opening ceremony with chief ministers and various political leaders and tourism minister of India.Along with the Mela,the event also showcased various cultural events,folk dances and magic doll shows which reminded me of childhood days.There were also various moustache,dancing,arts and music competition for the children.


Every year there is a theme state choosen and a special pavilion is created to display its culture,monuments,traditions and beliefs.This time of the year,Goa was chosen as the theme state and special “Goa Ghar” was constructed to display Mini Goa experience.


I also had chance to have a camel ride and interact with various foreign countries artists from SAARC. I also bought a Nepalese shawl and traditional gown for my self and a purse for my wife from Sri Lankan artists.


Rajasthani stalls were most popluar and I also met person from Chattisgarhi stall who had displayed this huge Sandal and was selling courful footwear and his friend on next stall was selling colored lanterns,vase lamps,designed flower pots and hadmade jewllery and classic paintings.There were many stalls who had received State and National Award for their products from the Government of India.One thing I like about the Surajkund Mela is that the products sold by the artists here are not very costly and can be easily afforded by all sections of the society.All the tickets prices are same for everyone and just cost Rs 50 as entry ticket for the whole day.


I can say that it is most colorful fair in Delhi-NCR region and is mix combination of vivid cultures and traditions of India at a single place where you can enjoy from north to south,east to west,everything about India and can buy products and eat delicacies from all parts of th county.