Turning Point

I am very lucky to have a family where there are people from different field and all are ready to help me in different situations and give me right feedback in life. My cousin sister has been role model and mentor for me who has encouraged me to chase my dreams and given me lot of crucial good advice right from my college life. Most of my achievements in my lifetime are due to her love and caring nature for me. She is a teacher by profession and has always been guiding my parents to take care of my education and have provided me mental strength to never give up in life even after having failure. She is the one to contact if I have to take any judgement and make complex decisions in my life. I was not good in learning chemistry and physics and it used to haunt me in studies. I had no option and even failed twice in exams. I was crying and felt my parents would be hurt but she came to support me and helped to try and learn the concept of these difficult questions and answers she bought for me an education disk drive from European country which demonstrated everything through videos and practical way. She made me practice hard and gave her time to teach me from the start about the basic rules of science concept and way to understand about these formulas and ways to remember them. It was very easy for me after her constant coaching which helped me to attain good marks in academics and pass the exams to move to next class. Another person in my life is my real brother who took the charge of entire home responsibility with my father after graduation and helped me in financial terms throughout the life. He gave me time and money till the time I was studying and it was something which was one of factors in being successful. He gave me advice to never cheat and be honest and tell truth even if it hurts.

My simple advice to all youngsters is to just follow your parent’s footsteps and imply their rules and guidelines as they tell you so that you can sustain a respectable living and achieve the mission and get vision of my life. I am glad to get encouragement from them and my cousin sister to have best atmosphere and good advice in life.I am thankful to God for having them in life.

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Paying the Tax

Earning money is not easy and requires lot of hard work and dedication while all it takes few seconds to spend that money. As a working professional I do not want to give something from my earned salary as part of taxes. This is common story for all whether you are earning in six figures or even less. But then as a responsible citizen of this country, I am liable to follow country norms and pay the income tax according to government slab and category. There is a simple income tax rule for all and all must adhere to it. We cannot afford to ignore paying taxes as our whole country runs through democratic government and they require certain revenue to run this country and work to make it better with every passing day. It will certainly help the future generation and secure their future. All these big projects like contraction of bridges, dams and railways etc run with help of government.

This was about the nation benefit from paying tax and now I want to speak about personal benefits of paying income tax. It is a win-win situation for us by filing the return as it helps to give us better return in future. We can apply for loans which can be for family member or for our own needs and this can be granted only if we show banks our past financial records and income tax statements. Income tax filing records also act as a trustworthy document when giving interview for foreign visa and trips. Many multi-national companies or organisation may also want to see your IT statements for verification purpose and so it is important to have clean record. Government has now come with online updated method of filing income tax.

I would alert you to pay your taxes now before it is too late and you have to face tough time dealing with income tax official who can easily check all information with PAN card.

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Easy way to Income Tax E-filing

I am proud of people who file their income tax return on regular basis and they are the true Indian and patriot of this country. They are the basic force and driving engine behind whatever we have achieved in development of our country. We should all take imitative to respect such people and contribute like them by paying income tax.

Many people are unaware about the fact that income tax return records are required if you are moving to foreign destination or want to have loan for yourself. This is major yardstick set by them so that to check the person credentials. You must pay these taxes as may be you could reap its benefits in the future when applying for home loan or going to settle abroad in the coming years. This should not be headache to you but instead help you to achieve your goals. People also often thinks that if you do not pay taxes then you are either having black money or money earned through wrong source. You can always answer to such people by showing your income tax statement and be smarter. Income tax record also tells about your credit score and financial condition and can be considered as an assessment.

We have seen a great transformation in working culture of our government body and technology has played major role in it. Government has devised a better and effective system of discharging our duty of paying income tax through electronic filing system. There is no chance of error and you get accurate results. It is difficult to believe but truth is that new system is secure and faster to save our time. One of the benefits of paying income tax is that sometime you may also get rebate or refund for excess tax directly in your bank account. This shows that system is very much transparent.

In the end, I would say that be bold and responsible citizen by paying your taxes.

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Odd Rule Out

It is the time we all should start taking up the household job which was our duty but somehow we never too it seriously.I would rather say that it was not just all my fault but also some of it goes to our traditions and culture of which we are part of.Since my childhood I have seen that my mother would work from whole day and she did not got any rest and had to continously work without any stop.My grandparents were good but they felt this as normal thing.I even once asked my mother about it and she just smiled and said that we work to keep the family in shape and happy.Many years have passed now and situation has also changed as woman are coming out of their homes to stand up and raise their voice against any kind of voilence or discrimination.They have progressed a lot over the period due to education and right to equal rights for all.

Now I am married and did not wanted that history to repeat itself.My mother supported me openly and she took a stand this time.Meanwhile,I have also tried my best to help my wife in household chores a little bit.I try to help her by getting my child ready for breakfast and dressing him up while my wife does other work in the house.I have taken time from office to go late in the morning so that I could help my wife.I have also started to learn little bit of cooking so that I can help to prepare certain simple recipes if she falls ill.This is one part of doing my bit and I have now decided to go extra mile for her as I have decided to take a #LaundryGoesOddEven with my wife and Arial played the role in the middle to bring us together.I remember my mother used to wash clothes for hours and then she would go to balcony and this process would take so long hours.I am delighted that Ariel made washing clothes very easy and made me realize that any one could wash the clothes.It is not just a woman who can do it.Now I will wash the clothes and do the laundry work on even days and during holidays.I was little nervous in the beginning but washed clothes look so much clean which made me feel like jumping with joy.

There is nothing better than doing something for our family and home.I had great satisfaction and my life loves me even more.

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Motivation for Household Work

Gender inequalities must be rooted from our society and it must be done as soon as possible. We have seen that present generation is different from something which was ten years back. All this has happened with time and due to lot of innovation and advancement in technology. The young kids are taking the unconventional root from becoming engineer or doctor and now want to be an entrepreneur and be part of start up culture. They are not afraid of the society and ignore the things as said in the close family circle. Young ones are losing out interest in reading books and novels and simply want to catch up with movies and entertainment. The true values and morals which were taught to us with help of books are now being lost and we often see library room vacant in schools and colleges. Children do not believe much in hard work and this is the major reason of why health problems are on the rise. They have become too lazy and just want to copy things. They do not have the time for their parents and doing the odd cleaning job at home. They are dependent on house maid or mother for even a cup of water. Mother usually ignores their behaviour at home and love for them makes them bling.But everything has a limit and next generation must act to share the workload at home with parents and listen to them. Technology is not everything and the end. It is just for support to humans.

I would urge all the parents and responsible people in the society to take up actions so that children should not restrict themselves to technology and on other people. They must be a rule in their school or part of curriculum where they have to perform household duties and should be part of their marking scheme. This way they will have a habit of supporting their mother. Another thing is that gender discrimination should not happen at all and they must be given a lesson on treating everyone at equal. Male and woman are both as one and should co-ordinate to support the household chores. Parents should not given their children over attention and let them leave alone so that they can work on their own at home.Houshold chores and its training can be given to children once a week and child could be given some incentive for doing the work which can motivate them more. These suggestions can work if taken into consideration.

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#ShareTheLoad GenNext

Let us all once put ourself in mother shoes and do a role change activity. This will help to realize that amount of pressure a mother undergoes during her 24 hours of duty at home.I did the same thing once while my mother played my role as a office working boy.I could not even do half of the total work done by my mom on daily basis at home.Her commitment to work and dedication to it from her heart and soul is so much.Her works starts from early morning before the sunrise and this goes up till midnight.It is kind of twenty fours duty and with no holiday to it.I can now imagine her situation where she has to look after the kitchen and meals preparation.Then work includes cleaning the rooms and keeping them neat and clean.After this the duty to wash the clothes and iron them.This can be difficult for one person to do all the work on daily bases and this can sometimes leads to health problem with the female working all day long.It is not a simple process and I would tag my mother as a super woman of modern times.This is the case of every Indian woman who is housewife.I salute them for their efforts in running the house and that too with too little support from other family members.

Next generation has a major role to play now to take this #sharetheload movement forward and spread it through use of technology and social media.They can make a selfie moment revolution while working at home and doing something related to household chore and post it through facebook and twitter.This can really boost up in their social network and their close friends and family would follow them on social circle and be part of this.A chain can bring about a huge change which can spread the message that woman are not made only for household chores and even kids and adults must lend their support.

I am proud to say now that I have started to #sharetheload at my home and this has really brought me more close to my family and given a new life to it.My wife can now move out and get more time to shop and talk to friends.She can concentrate on her health and figure out more issues and resolve them quickly.I see that my children have also started to help in work by keeping their room in organized way and cleaning the mat.The effect is clearly visible and I feel very happy to see the change in generation next.

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Internship Memories

Happiness to me in those days was getting my Internship letter from one of the private sector company. I am talking about the times when only few companies would visit the college and select only few candidates for the purpose of internship. There was less chance to get train and sharpen your skills with the big organizations as it was due to our college was not the tier 1 college. Most of the companies would go to the prestigious colleges with big names and only three or four companies would visit the campus. I was lucky to clear the interview and get selected to train in the metro city Delhi which is also known as capital of India.

It was a beginning of new journey as I had lived with my parents all together all those years and it was first time that I got the chance to visit different place and get accustomed to new environment. Internship made me grow from college boy to young men with independent charge. I was no more into spoon feeding in those three months and it was a really hard life. I got to realize that how difficult to live without family and friends. I had to do all work on my own and then come back to rented flat and do all the household chores including washing my clothes and cooking food. It was a kind of project which helped me to improve my personality and English language. It made me improve my communication skills and knowledge about market and working on different tools and techniques. It made me understand about using technology and computer for data capture and analysing it for future use. I felt that internship and studying in college is completely different ball game and we must use the things learned in college to use it in the market but at the right time. My key aspects of learning in those three months of training are getting to know that how much co-ordination among different departments is very important task. I was given the work to study the organizational structure of various departments and give ideas to improve their structure and functioning. I was also in regular contact with the college professor and teachers and would discuss contents of Project to get the solution to my problems and get their guidance.

I found the internship very useful for me and recommend every student to take such opportunity as a fresher or experienced. It is a perfect platform to learn and gain knowledge.

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Golden Days of Internship

College days were the best part of my student life and it was such a great life where their was not much pressure and tensions.It was all about being cool and enjoying life without any big responsibility.My whole life took a complete turn once the internship started and I was a complete different personality after those few months of training which still helps to cope up with different situations in office.I was finding it difficult in the starting of my training but slowly and steadily I learnt to be flexible and adaptable to the working conditions.Then I was also able to develop my ability to work in team and take independent charge which is an important for working in any industry today.

I was also part of promotions and selling activity at the main sales counter in company stall at the exhibition counter and displaying of the products.This was really exciting as I got to interact with people directly and understand aspects of marketing and selling skills.During this period different kind of task were assigned by heads of various departments which gave knowledge about the various aspects of functioning and understanding different people role and their responsibilities in the whole assignment.The project ended with a certificate from the company and a casio watch as a memonto for me.This whole period was like a test run for me before making the cut and prepare myself for the road ahead.Further I also told the company about key things which can help in reducing cost and this can be done by starting centralization system of the whole network and standardisation of their product cost.The best part of my work was taking the role of  area mapping by visiting different geographical areas and comparing different brands and our company products in terms of availability and consumer preference.I was also given the major big task to help my boss in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company and making the research report.This kind of activity was key liking and my favorite part of internship.

My hardwork and efforts to complete internship project was appreciated by the whole company and my school professor too.The most amazing thing for me was getting a preplacement letter from the company which helped in the future during the college placement.I was no more worried about getting a job like many other candidates and this made a big difference in my approach for the interview during the placement time. 

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Holi Festival

India has been a land of festivals and people often sing different types of songs from emotional to religious ones during the holi festival. These songs are so full of emotions that one feels the same feelings and often feel connected to the situation. Even today when you hear her golden melodious voice, the joy you will get will be just unparalleled to hearing of any other song of this new modern generation. These songs were often sung by my grandmother during the holi celebration at home in the past. Further my mom would prepare the carrot halwa and homemade traditional sweets and it was one of the tastiest and healthy homemade recipes. I want to bring that time again and play holi with same energy this year.

Holi brings the feeling of being together which is very beautiful. It gives you the much needed support and love in your life. I feel that younger generation must take time to celebrate this festival as it brings such a huge amount of positive vibes and happiness. The best thing is that you can have a fresh and joyful start of the day with colors.We are born to live a happy and healthy life but we end up going after money and forget the real purpose of life. It is also known fact that certain colours can cause damage to skin as our skin is too fine and delicate. As a parent, I want to guide all my readers today about natural ways of protecting the skin from hazards and using simple tricks and tips which can help against cheap and artificial spray that can harm the skin in long run and cause health problems. I would add use of hair oil before playing holi for skin protection.

Holi is the festival of colours and I enjoy it very much since childhood. There are so many old memories I recall with my family and those good moments which have still not faded. But now the situation has changed and Holi celebration is not the same or even half of it as it was few years back. I would also get some good surprise gifts from close family members and blessings from others during this day. We must take Holi festival as an opportunity and enjoy this festival with family. We need to go back and learn from our ancestors who had given more importance and value to relationship in life and festivals.

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Home is where we have a family and strong bonding with our family members. We live together, eat and stay with each other and share our feelings and memorable moments of life. Memories like cooking dinner for family or painting the walls plus playing with kids are some of the memories to share about. I love to travel and see the world but nothing better than home. It makes me extremely happy to be family and enjoy with children. I get immense satisfaction after seeing my family members waiting for me as I come from my work. They hug me and give a kiss to me. My wife gives refreshing chilled drink and children take my suitcase. It is their presence which makes home alive.

Let me go back in past days and certain moments make me sad too. I am talking here about mother. My mom is best in the world and no matter whatever I do; I cannot still overcome the sacrifice she has done for me in her whole lifetime. I still try to remember and wish I could give her a new heart or a better medical help but all in vain. She was so close to me and understood each family member very much. Her mixing nature with everyone and smile on her face was something I try to learn every day and fight challenges of life. After the rituals, my tears could not stop and I tried my best to hide my face but all in vain. It was big loss for our family which cannot be replaced with anything else.

My best trip has been in Goa few months back with family. I felt very happy with the spectacular view of the beach and greenery all round this picturesque property and helped me to unwind and have unforgettable pleasant experience. It is extremely cool place and a unique experience of watching everything closely as never before and I would say everyone who can, should experience Goa once in a lifetime. I could see lots of water fun activities taking place like water boating, jet skiing and Para gliding. Family and children were enjoying their time at the beach and it was very entertaining trip.Surajkund Mela is one thing which I never miss. I visited this mela this year with my family and relatives and was overwhelmed by the number of stalls and their designer products and their creativity. This event also showcased various cultural events, folk dances and magic doll shows which reminded me of childhood days.

I would thank my family and God for giving me opportunity to have good time with family members.

Message for you my love

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