#MagicofWarmth at Home

Everything has a definite time and we cannot have same mood and expressions every time.We cannot remain happy and smile all the time.There are up and downs in everyone life and you cannot live without them.Life can be smooth only when you are ready to adapt and live it.There are chances of getting angry and mood swing with every one and at that moment of time you must standby for that person and try to cure and help that close one in best possible way.You should express your concern and try any of the possible solution which you think could fit at that point of time.Some people try to settle differences by chatting with each other and through communication.Some try to move out of their house and travel to another place to see if it helps out.With your cousin or real brother you can try giving chocolates or flowers.Many ways are there and for me it is about music.

Music plays a very huge impact in my life. Since times immemorial, music has been a symbol of peace and calmness. It has been the divine way by which I am able to connect to my family and specially my daughter.Music gives a joyful and relaxing feeling to the mind and it can be good to ears too.I love to express my warmth of love through the music which I love to recite to make my small daughter sleep and relax a bit.It is best of the best ways to understand emotions and feel about life and it also helps to focus and concentrate better.

My wife sometimes seems very tired after day to day work and has a mood swing.She does not like any one to call up or talk to anyone at that point of time.In such a situation she needs someone to cheer her up and make her relax and bring back the smile on her face.I do try to console her and help her to spread my love and warmth to her by trying different things but music is the only thing which makes her relax and happy.I try to sing some romantic songs and light up the mood.Though she does not like my voice but still she is happy to hear some good songs.When I am away and she is missing me then in that case I try to tell her to switch on her smart phone or turn on the radio station application and listen to music. It is the best medicine to cure stress.


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#MagicOfWarmth moment

There is always one common reason behind my dad argument with me or my first girlfriend leaving or having fight with my brother and getting punished by mom.All these trouble situations are just because of me and I am only to blame.I often do think about it and feel unhappy when all my close and dear ones are angry with me and want me to change myself.But then when I think a lot more about it and check about it,I find that it was my mistake and I should not do it again in order to hurt them.They may get annoyed with me but it does not mean that I should break my relationship with them.It is easy to break but difficult to patch up.

Life is nothing without the close family members with whom we live out day and night.Even after some wrong thing,my family members come back to me and try to make me realize the wrong things and stay with me.Their feeling or expression of love for me is different but it is still there.For me my home is heaven and best place on this planet. Home is where we have a family and strong bonding with our family members. We live together, eat and stay with each other and share our feelings and memorable moments of life.We do have issues of arguments where we do not agree with each other completely.But we all make sure to do little adjustment and give up some times for the sake of other.The emotional connect still remains which is bigger than those maternal things.I am really happy when I find my parents looking at me and helping out to achieve what I want to do in life.They have given me freedom and independence to enjoy life.

There are situations when things do not get right and then I see my father would try to keep a chocolate or some money for me under the pillow and would not talk about it.My mother cooking my favorite Indian dishes every now and then and also caring about my health and diet.My sister looking at me and sometime massaging my hair with oil and giving up her favorite drink to me or gifts on regular basis.My brother giving me his bike and also bringing me favorite games  which I like to play.All this display their love and feeling of warmth for me.I also love to payback to them in same way and always wish to be  follow the path of trust,commitment and dedication for them.


“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil