Stay fit and Live Life

Our small steps and way yo do things can make a big turnaround in life.We must be strong and happy in order to make the right decisions and get the good results.Happiness is about getting the satisfaction and being with family members.You cannot enjoy the things unless you are happy and healthy.I am here to share about few guidelines to make your day better and life much easier today.I would start with technology as it has taken over us in many ways.Technology and mobile phones have taken over us and we cannot live without them and this has lead to addiction.I advice all to keep a balance about using these devices and try to keep mobile phone in silence mode and do not check social messages in every few minutes.You must try to live in the present world and enjoy the environment around you.

Healthy body is essential and makes you look fit and improves your personality.I think best way to get this done by intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables than having junk food which provides me right portion of nutrient and give me energy for the whole day.If you are  sick and have problems with your body and doctor medicine is not working than do not get upset and worry about it.You can go another way by trying honey or other herbs each night before going to bed with hot water or milk.You must give a try to using traditional style and home made medicines from nature and see if they work for you.I have a feeling that everyone should try to use these ingredients as they have magical properties which ensures the results as early as possible. I am going to share another tips that our face is a mirror to everything and we much try to make it look glowing and clear. I want to say that we must wash our face with cold water after every few hours to induce a fresh glow and keep our skin healthy.We can also use fruit face pack and lemon paste which beautifies the skin if applied in form of mixture over the whole area and then washed off with chilled water.

You must be satisfied and happy in life and that matters the most.You should not be worried all the time and have some peace and inner satisfaction.You should have patience in life and pray to almighty for everything.This is a must when you want a happy and relaxation in life.You must be open in nature and should talk to your close family members and have their blessings.It will make you feel good and alive plus ticking and moving in life.

If you follow these small tips or advice and use  then you will definitely see the change and will lead to complete transformation in your life.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


Living Better life

Today I would like to discuss about living a better healthy life.We all know that our life has lot of twist and turns. It is not simple or full of roses and there are challenges for each one of us every day. We must be positive in our approach to life at all times and the best way to take this forward is to have a fresh and healthy start of the day.First thing is to drink fresh water in the morning and smile.This is a must when you want a happy and calmness in life. Then you can try going outside and breathe in fresh air.Early morning is the best time of the day as there is not much noise and you can feel the calmness all around you with birds chirping and freshness in the air. A cup of green tea with family members improves your digestion too and bonding with them too.

Our food habits and eating style are also responsible for our body shape and structure.The junk food which we usually find tasty and good for us in reality make us weak and unhealthy from inside.I want point about my cousin example who started eating junk foods like Maggi, Chinese noodles, burgers and all other sort of junk foods which was unhealthy for him.His health deteriorated day by day and his weight started increasing and he became very fat.I have seen many people like him who get embarrassed at times when people make fun of them and their body shape.The best solution is that we should eliminate all kind of junk food and stay on having a balanced diet.I strongly urge all the people to intake balanced diet that contains a required amount of nutrient containing food which can really help your body to increase its efficiency and also avoid overeating too. Many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates too are very much important for the body to increase immunity and activeness of the body to live a healthy life.

If you have any kind of problem then you must try to get the solution rather than thinking over it.It could be mental or health problem.I have seen many people who have health problems and rely much on medicines but you must also give a try to herbal way and natural tips using home remedies which are much good for health in many cases.This will be easier to cope with the problem.

I feel my bog would have helped you a lot to understand the importance of balanced diet better and you will abide to these guidelines.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”