Zapstore Platform

Talking about today’s scenario, people think that they should not relay on purchasing goods through online stores. This perception in the mind of many people has arrived due to some rumors or some very rear miss-cases which can happen with anyone even from purchasing goods through market also. However, I really think that the services that these online stores like Zapstore provide to us are incomparable to the local market. These online stores bring about very good products and that too at very affordable rates which are same throughout the country and not like any local merchant where product’s rates may vary according to the region.MyZappystore is first kind of consumer based concept by Zapstore which helps consumers identify their choice of category and add products they want to have.

I think that people have wrong assumption in the minds that the products that we get online are not genuine and are the copies of the real product that we can buy in our local market.It is just a myth and nothing more than that as nowadays there are some companies like Zapstore which are really good and their products are available only online on these online stores.

Now I would like to share some products that are the best according to me from MyZappystore which I added from online sites.The first thing that I want is was Sony Bravia LED TV 14inches. We all know the name and fame of Sony Company and all the services to provide with every product. It is an amazing TV set with all fittings done and we get free delivery.


Second thing that I want to buy an android Smartphone which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. If you are really interested in mobile phones then you must know about this phone as it the best budget phone in Rs. 15000/- range with a good camera, 3 GB ram for great performance and 2 day battery life.


Next I have added two items together, one is the REDFOOT Leather look Men’s Casual sneakers Shoes for my running which are ultra-comfortable and the second is a Fostelo Women’s Westside Shoulder Bag for my wife.I think it is right to add products which you want to gift to your closed ones too.


The thing that I ordered recently was a book named “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Trust me people I got this book the next day when I ordered it. That is what we call a great service. Must read this great work comprised in a book.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity   at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


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