#BestZapStore Arena

Life has been changing very fast and so are the living habits of the new generation.E-Commerce sites like Zapstore has changed the way we used to buy things. Now, you have got everything which you as a consumer can buy on your fingertips by using the app or the website. The biggest thing is that it has become not only easy for people to buy things online from these sites but also that many sellers have got access to national audience to sell their goods online anywhere in the country.I feel great to connect with this platform where I created my own store MyZappystore and added many useful products.

Besides all this, these sites give you plenty of facility on hand where you get replacement guarantee for almost everything even for mobiles if you have got the defective products which were never seen while shopping from local merchants. Also, there are no shipping charges on most of the products and so it becomes really easy to get access to the cheapest goods in the country. There are also many offers in Zapstore where you get a lot of cash back also.

Anyway, you must be thinking how come I know all this. It is because I am a very frequent buyer from these websites and I really trust them for every good I purchase.I want to  purchase a TV from Samsung on flipkart.com.Many of my friends were saying me not to do so as it is a costly thing of around Rs 20,000/- and I should look the product and then purchase from local market but then I went to the product page of Zapstore where I found a right price from websites.I felt amazing seeing that we also have something like this where we can know the experience of many other consumers about the goods. This made me decide the best of all and then I placed my order.


Another thing which I wanted was including a smartphone for me. It was the recently launched Moto  plus which is exclusively available online only. Trust me guys it is a great phone from the brand we trust a lot.Other things that I found useful were a book from Chetan Bhagat named “Half Girlfriend” it is a very famous book and I have read it, it is really nice and would like to recommend you all to have a look.


I also added woodland formal shoes for my daily usage in office. They are really good brown-black in color and feels formal and confident while wearing them.The last thing which was the best one was a Attivo Collection Black/Black Chronograph watch, blackcolor for my wife. I want to order it on our anniversary.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity   at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


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