Turning Point

I am very lucky to have a family where there are people from different field and all are ready to help me in different situations and give me right feedback in life. My cousin sister has been role model and mentor for me who has encouraged me to chase my dreams and given me lot of crucial good advice right from my college life. Most of my achievements in my lifetime are due to her love and caring nature for me. She is a teacher by profession and has always been guiding my parents to take care of my education and have provided me mental strength to never give up in life even after having failure. She is the one to contact if I have to take any judgement and make complex decisions in my life. I was not good in learning chemistry and physics and it used to haunt me in studies. I had no option and even failed twice in exams. I was crying and felt my parents would be hurt but she came to support me and helped to try and learn the concept of these difficult questions and answers she bought for me an education disk drive from European country which demonstrated everything through videos and practical way. She made me practice hard and gave her time to teach me from the start about the basic rules of science concept and way to understand about these formulas and ways to remember them. It was very easy for me after her constant coaching which helped me to attain good marks in academics and pass the exams to move to next class. Another person in my life is my real brother who took the charge of entire home responsibility with my father after graduation and helped me in financial terms throughout the life. He gave me time and money till the time I was studying and it was something which was one of factors in being successful. He gave me advice to never cheat and be honest and tell truth even if it hurts.

My simple advice to all youngsters is to just follow your parent’s footsteps and imply their rules and guidelines as they tell you so that you can sustain a respectable living and achieve the mission and get vision of my life. I am glad to get encouragement from them and my cousin sister to have best atmosphere and good advice in life.I am thankful to God for having them in life.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


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