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Talking about today’s scenario, people think that they should not relay on purchasing goods through online stores. This perception in the mind of many people has arrived due to some rumors or some very rear miss-cases which can happen with anyone even from purchasing goods through market also. However, I really think that the services that these online stores like Zapstore provide to us are incomparable to the local market. These online stores bring about very good products and that too at very affordable rates which are same throughout the country and not like any local merchant where product’s rates may vary according to the region.MyZappystore is first kind of consumer based concept by Zapstore which helps consumers identify their choice of category and add products they want to have.

I think that people have wrong assumption in the minds that the products that we get online are not genuine and are the copies of the real product that we can buy in our local market.It is just a myth and nothing more than that as nowadays there are some companies like Zapstore which are really good and their products are available only online on these online stores.

Now I would like to share some products that are the best according to me from MyZappystore which I added from online sites.The first thing that I want is was Sony Bravia LED TV 14inches. We all know the name and fame of Sony Company and all the services to provide with every product. It is an amazing TV set with all fittings done and we get free delivery.


Second thing that I want to buy an android Smartphone which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. If you are really interested in mobile phones then you must know about this phone as it the best budget phone in Rs. 15000/- range with a good camera, 3 GB ram for great performance and 2 day battery life.


Next I have added two items together, one is the REDFOOT Leather look Men’s Casual sneakers Shoes for my running which are ultra-comfortable and the second is a Fostelo Women’s Westside Shoulder Bag for my wife.I think it is right to add products which you want to gift to your closed ones too.


The thing that I ordered recently was a book named “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Trust me people I got this book the next day when I ordered it. That is what we call a great service. Must read this great work comprised in a book.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity   at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


#BestZapStore Arena

Life has been changing very fast and so are the living habits of the new generation.E-Commerce sites like Zapstore has changed the way we used to buy things. Now, you have got everything which you as a consumer can buy on your fingertips by using the app or the website. The biggest thing is that it has become not only easy for people to buy things online from these sites but also that many sellers have got access to national audience to sell their goods online anywhere in the country.I feel great to connect with this platform where I created my own store MyZappystore and added many useful products.

Besides all this, these sites give you plenty of facility on hand where you get replacement guarantee for almost everything even for mobiles if you have got the defective products which were never seen while shopping from local merchants. Also, there are no shipping charges on most of the products and so it becomes really easy to get access to the cheapest goods in the country. There are also many offers in Zapstore where you get a lot of cash back also.

Anyway, you must be thinking how come I know all this. It is because I am a very frequent buyer from these websites and I really trust them for every good I purchase.I want to  purchase a TV from Samsung on of my friends were saying me not to do so as it is a costly thing of around Rs 20,000/- and I should look the product and then purchase from local market but then I went to the product page of Zapstore where I found a right price from websites.I felt amazing seeing that we also have something like this where we can know the experience of many other consumers about the goods. This made me decide the best of all and then I placed my order.


Another thing which I wanted was including a smartphone for me. It was the recently launched Moto  plus which is exclusively available online only. Trust me guys it is a great phone from the brand we trust a lot.Other things that I found useful were a book from Chetan Bhagat named “Half Girlfriend” it is a very famous book and I have read it, it is really nice and would like to recommend you all to have a look.


I also added woodland formal shoes for my daily usage in office. They are really good brown-black in color and feels formal and confident while wearing them.The last thing which was the best one was a Attivo Collection Black/Black Chronograph watch, blackcolor for my wife. I want to order it on our anniversary.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity   at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.

Right Quality Advice

My grandmother played a crucial in role to uplift the dream that used to ponder in my mind and she gave me the best advice that stuff which matters the most in life is to “PLAN and PRACTICE”. She always asked me to take the initiative on my won and to dream things which I want to achieve in my life. She was always there for my guidance and gave me right control and direction to utilize my intense energy in the right form.

I was giving my secondary exams and I was totally lost about my career and it was difficult to decide about to pursue my passion and interest and follow a career as per my preferences or follow the common path to become an engineer or a doctor. I wanted to stay in my field and follow something which makes me motivated and so it was my family and close friends who gave me good advice and played an important role to follow my life goal that I wanted to choose. Another moment was that when I got into bad habits and started eating too much of junk food and started to drink as well. I never knew when this became an addiction for me and it was time when I was not able to control myself from drinking everyday and found lost. People started cruising me and tried to avoid merit was then my close friend from my school who took me to specialist doctor and helped me to get rid of this addiction and get my senses back. He also gave me balanced diet chart and right coaching to prevent this happening again in future. I had to undergo lot of mental pain and would control myself for hours. I became committed and would wake up early in the morning and restricted myself to balanced food diet. I think doctor and my close friend helped me a lot in that time which could have affected my career and progression. They made me a responsible human being.

If you are a budding parent and want to understand parenting then first thing is to understand that your child deserves the right to get adequate minimum education to fulfil his dreams and you must be present whenever necessary to invest your time and resources which are helpful for the child to get success in his goals and acts as catalyst to his dream. We all must dreams and it is duty of parents to support in giving directions to the child`s and push him in fulfilling those things.

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Turning Point

I am very lucky to have a family where there are people from different field and all are ready to help me in different situations and give me right feedback in life. My cousin sister has been role model and mentor for me who has encouraged me to chase my dreams and given me lot of crucial good advice right from my college life. Most of my achievements in my lifetime are due to her love and caring nature for me. She is a teacher by profession and has always been guiding my parents to take care of my education and have provided me mental strength to never give up in life even after having failure. She is the one to contact if I have to take any judgement and make complex decisions in my life. I was not good in learning chemistry and physics and it used to haunt me in studies. I had no option and even failed twice in exams. I was crying and felt my parents would be hurt but she came to support me and helped to try and learn the concept of these difficult questions and answers she bought for me an education disk drive from European country which demonstrated everything through videos and practical way. She made me practice hard and gave her time to teach me from the start about the basic rules of science concept and way to understand about these formulas and ways to remember them. It was very easy for me after her constant coaching which helped me to attain good marks in academics and pass the exams to move to next class. Another person in my life is my real brother who took the charge of entire home responsibility with my father after graduation and helped me in financial terms throughout the life. He gave me time and money till the time I was studying and it was something which was one of factors in being successful. He gave me advice to never cheat and be honest and tell truth even if it hurts.

My simple advice to all youngsters is to just follow your parent’s footsteps and imply their rules and guidelines as they tell you so that you can sustain a respectable living and achieve the mission and get vision of my life. I am glad to get encouragement from them and my cousin sister to have best atmosphere and good advice in life.I am thankful to God for having them in life.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”