Paying the Tax

Earning money is not easy and requires lot of hard work and dedication while all it takes few seconds to spend that money. As a working professional I do not want to give something from my earned salary as part of taxes. This is common story for all whether you are earning in six figures or even less. But then as a responsible citizen of this country, I am liable to follow country norms and pay the income tax according to government slab and category. There is a simple income tax rule for all and all must adhere to it. We cannot afford to ignore paying taxes as our whole country runs through democratic government and they require certain revenue to run this country and work to make it better with every passing day. It will certainly help the future generation and secure their future. All these big projects like contraction of bridges, dams and railways etc run with help of government.

This was about the nation benefit from paying tax and now I want to speak about personal benefits of paying income tax. It is a win-win situation for us by filing the return as it helps to give us better return in future. We can apply for loans which can be for family member or for our own needs and this can be granted only if we show banks our past financial records and income tax statements. Income tax filing records also act as a trustworthy document when giving interview for foreign visa and trips. Many multi-national companies or organisation may also want to see your IT statements for verification purpose and so it is important to have clean record. Government has now come with online updated method of filing income tax.

I would alert you to pay your taxes now before it is too late and you have to face tough time dealing with income tax official who can easily check all information with PAN card.

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Easy way to Income Tax E-filing

I am proud of people who file their income tax return on regular basis and they are the true Indian and patriot of this country. They are the basic force and driving engine behind whatever we have achieved in development of our country. We should all take imitative to respect such people and contribute like them by paying income tax.

Many people are unaware about the fact that income tax return records are required if you are moving to foreign destination or want to have loan for yourself. This is major yardstick set by them so that to check the person credentials. You must pay these taxes as may be you could reap its benefits in the future when applying for home loan or going to settle abroad in the coming years. This should not be headache to you but instead help you to achieve your goals. People also often thinks that if you do not pay taxes then you are either having black money or money earned through wrong source. You can always answer to such people by showing your income tax statement and be smarter. Income tax record also tells about your credit score and financial condition and can be considered as an assessment.

We have seen a great transformation in working culture of our government body and technology has played major role in it. Government has devised a better and effective system of discharging our duty of paying income tax through electronic filing system. There is no chance of error and you get accurate results. It is difficult to believe but truth is that new system is secure and faster to save our time. One of the benefits of paying income tax is that sometime you may also get rebate or refund for excess tax directly in your bank account. This shows that system is very much transparent.

In the end, I would say that be bold and responsible citizen by paying your taxes.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.