Odd Rule Out

It is the time we all should start taking up the household job which was our duty but somehow we never too it seriously.I would rather say that it was not just all my fault but also some of it goes to our traditions and culture of which we are part of.Since my childhood I have seen that my mother would work from whole day and she did not got any rest and had to continously work without any stop.My grandparents were good but they felt this as normal thing.I even once asked my mother about it and she just smiled and said that we work to keep the family in shape and happy.Many years have passed now and situation has also changed as woman are coming out of their homes to stand up and raise their voice against any kind of voilence or discrimination.They have progressed a lot over the period due to education and right to equal rights for all.

Now I am married and did not wanted that history to repeat itself.My mother supported me openly and she took a stand this time.Meanwhile,I have also tried my best to help my wife in household chores a little bit.I try to help her by getting my child ready for breakfast and dressing him up while my wife does other work in the house.I have taken time from office to go late in the morning so that I could help my wife.I have also started to learn little bit of cooking so that I can help to prepare certain simple recipes if she falls ill.This is one part of doing my bit and I have now decided to go extra mile for her as I have decided to take a #LaundryGoesOddEven with my wife and Arial played the role in the middle to bring us together.I remember my mother used to wash clothes for hours and then she would go to balcony and this process would take so long hours.I am delighted that Ariel made washing clothes very easy and made me realize that any one could wash the clothes.It is not just a woman who can do it.Now I will wash the clothes and do the laundry work on even days and during holidays.I was little nervous in the beginning but washed clothes look so much clean which made me feel like jumping with joy.

There is nothing better than doing something for our family and home.I had great satisfaction and my life loves me even more.

‘I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’