#ShareTheLoad GenNext

Let us all once put ourself in mother shoes and do a role change activity. This will help to realize that amount of pressure a mother undergoes during her 24 hours of duty at home.I did the same thing once while my mother played my role as a office working boy.I could not even do half of the total work done by my mom on daily basis at home.Her commitment to work and dedication to it from her heart and soul is so much.Her works starts from early morning before the sunrise and this goes up till midnight.It is kind of twenty fours duty and with no holiday to it.I can now imagine her situation where she has to look after the kitchen and meals preparation.Then work includes cleaning the rooms and keeping them neat and clean.After this the duty to wash the clothes and iron them.This can be difficult for one person to do all the work on daily bases and this can sometimes leads to health problem with the female working all day long.It is not a simple process and I would tag my mother as a super woman of modern times.This is the case of every Indian woman who is housewife.I salute them for their efforts in running the house and that too with too little support from other family members.

Next generation has a major role to play now to take this #sharetheload movement forward and spread it through use of technology and social media.They can make a selfie moment revolution while working at home and doing something related to household chore and post it through facebook and twitter.This can really boost up in their social network and their close friends and family would follow them on social circle and be part of this.A chain can bring about a huge change which can spread the message that woman are not made only for household chores and even kids and adults must lend their support.

I am proud to say now that I have started to #sharetheload at my home and this has really brought me more close to my family and given a new life to it.My wife can now move out and get more time to shop and talk to friends.She can concentrate on her health and figure out more issues and resolve them quickly.I see that my children have also started to help in work by keeping their room in organized way and cleaning the mat.The effect is clearly visible and I feel very happy to see the change in generation next.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.


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