Motivation for Household Work

Gender inequalities must be rooted from our society and it must be done as soon as possible. We have seen that present generation is different from something which was ten years back. All this has happened with time and due to lot of innovation and advancement in technology. The young kids are taking the unconventional root from becoming engineer or doctor and now want to be an entrepreneur and be part of start up culture. They are not afraid of the society and ignore the things as said in the close family circle. Young ones are losing out interest in reading books and novels and simply want to catch up with movies and entertainment. The true values and morals which were taught to us with help of books are now being lost and we often see library room vacant in schools and colleges. Children do not believe much in hard work and this is the major reason of why health problems are on the rise. They have become too lazy and just want to copy things. They do not have the time for their parents and doing the odd cleaning job at home. They are dependent on house maid or mother for even a cup of water. Mother usually ignores their behaviour at home and love for them makes them bling.But everything has a limit and next generation must act to share the workload at home with parents and listen to them. Technology is not everything and the end. It is just for support to humans.

I would urge all the parents and responsible people in the society to take up actions so that children should not restrict themselves to technology and on other people. They must be a rule in their school or part of curriculum where they have to perform household duties and should be part of their marking scheme. This way they will have a habit of supporting their mother. Another thing is that gender discrimination should not happen at all and they must be given a lesson on treating everyone at equal. Male and woman are both as one and should co-ordinate to support the household chores. Parents should not given their children over attention and let them leave alone so that they can work on their own at home.Houshold chores and its training can be given to children once a week and child could be given some incentive for doing the work which can motivate them more. These suggestions can work if taken into consideration.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.


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