Internship Memories

Happiness to me in those days was getting my Internship letter from one of the private sector company. I am talking about the times when only few companies would visit the college and select only few candidates for the purpose of internship. There was less chance to get train and sharpen your skills with the big organizations as it was due to our college was not the tier 1 college. Most of the companies would go to the prestigious colleges with big names and only three or four companies would visit the campus. I was lucky to clear the interview and get selected to train in the metro city Delhi which is also known as capital of India.

It was a beginning of new journey as I had lived with my parents all together all those years and it was first time that I got the chance to visit different place and get accustomed to new environment. Internship made me grow from college boy to young men with independent charge. I was no more into spoon feeding in those three months and it was a really hard life. I got to realize that how difficult to live without family and friends. I had to do all work on my own and then come back to rented flat and do all the household chores including washing my clothes and cooking food. It was a kind of project which helped me to improve my personality and English language. It made me improve my communication skills and knowledge about market and working on different tools and techniques. It made me understand about using technology and computer for data capture and analysing it for future use. I felt that internship and studying in college is completely different ball game and we must use the things learned in college to use it in the market but at the right time. My key aspects of learning in those three months of training are getting to know that how much co-ordination among different departments is very important task. I was given the work to study the organizational structure of various departments and give ideas to improve their structure and functioning. I was also in regular contact with the college professor and teachers and would discuss contents of Project to get the solution to my problems and get their guidance.

I found the internship very useful for me and recommend every student to take such opportunity as a fresher or experienced. It is a perfect platform to learn and gain knowledge.

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”


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