Golden Days of Internship

College days were the best part of my student life and it was such a great life where their was not much pressure and tensions.It was all about being cool and enjoying life without any big responsibility.My whole life took a complete turn once the internship started and I was a complete different personality after those few months of training which still helps to cope up with different situations in office.I was finding it difficult in the starting of my training but slowly and steadily I learnt to be flexible and adaptable to the working conditions.Then I was also able to develop my ability to work in team and take independent charge which is an important for working in any industry today.

I was also part of promotions and selling activity at the main sales counter in company stall at the exhibition counter and displaying of the products.This was really exciting as I got to interact with people directly and understand aspects of marketing and selling skills.During this period different kind of task were assigned by heads of various departments which gave knowledge about the various aspects of functioning and understanding different people role and their responsibilities in the whole assignment.The project ended with a certificate from the company and a casio watch as a memonto for me.This whole period was like a test run for me before making the cut and prepare myself for the road ahead.Further I also told the company about key things which can help in reducing cost and this can be done by starting centralization system of the whole network and standardisation of their product cost.The best part of my work was taking the role of  area mapping by visiting different geographical areas and comparing different brands and our company products in terms of availability and consumer preference.I was also given the major big task to help my boss in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company and making the research report.This kind of activity was key liking and my favorite part of internship.

My hardwork and efforts to complete internship project was appreciated by the whole company and my school professor too.The most amazing thing for me was getting a preplacement letter from the company which helped in the future during the college placement.I was no more worried about getting a job like many other candidates and this made a big difference in my approach for the interview during the placement time. 

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”


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