Home is where we have a family and strong bonding with our family members. We live together, eat and stay with each other and share our feelings and memorable moments of life. Memories like cooking dinner for family or painting the walls plus playing with kids are some of the memories to share about. I love to travel and see the world but nothing better than home. It makes me extremely happy to be family and enjoy with children. I get immense satisfaction after seeing my family members waiting for me as I come from my work. They hug me and give a kiss to me. My wife gives refreshing chilled drink and children take my suitcase. It is their presence which makes home alive.

Let me go back in past days and certain moments make me sad too. I am talking here about mother. My mom is best in the world and no matter whatever I do; I cannot still overcome the sacrifice she has done for me in her whole lifetime. I still try to remember and wish I could give her a new heart or a better medical help but all in vain. She was so close to me and understood each family member very much. Her mixing nature with everyone and smile on her face was something I try to learn every day and fight challenges of life. After the rituals, my tears could not stop and I tried my best to hide my face but all in vain. It was big loss for our family which cannot be replaced with anything else.

My best trip has been in Goa few months back with family. I felt very happy with the spectacular view of the beach and greenery all round this picturesque property and helped me to unwind and have unforgettable pleasant experience. It is extremely cool place and a unique experience of watching everything closely as never before and I would say everyone who can, should experience Goa once in a lifetime. I could see lots of water fun activities taking place like water boating, jet skiing and Para gliding. Family and children were enjoying their time at the beach and it was very entertaining trip.Surajkund Mela is one thing which I never miss. I visited this mela this year with my family and relatives and was overwhelmed by the number of stalls and their designer products and their creativity. This event also showcased various cultural events, folk dances and magic doll shows which reminded me of childhood days.

I would thank my family and God for giving me opportunity to have good time with family members.

Message for you my love

“Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”


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