Stop and #ShareTheLoad

We all know that home duties and household work are considered to be the work and domain of the women while the work outside the home, i.e. to earn the bread for the family has been considered the domain of the man in the house. But now it is just an old age notion, nothing else. As time changes, our needs change while responsibilities change and so change the culture and ethics of the society with them. The need of the hour is to recognize our duty towards our own family and try to manage things in our home at least to make this world a better place to live. I can understand that this would be highly difficult to implement but once started, it will help the whole family. It can generate huge amount of positive vibes and help in removing gender prejudice at home.

Indian women have achieved global heights in today’s times in different fields. I would like to salute all such an extraordinary working women for their great achievements in life. I would also give credit to the entire house wife who run the show behind the curtain and work whole day at home just to make sure that family members have good and cool environment at home. It is the power of education which helps to move forward in life and we should understand that woman at home also can excel if given a chance to spread their wings. There is need to change mindset that woman have to complete all work at home.

I suppose that doing house work with family members could be helpful and you may also feel relaxed and it can be used as an effective tranquilizer in one’s life to stay active at times. I can say that participating in house work can do wonders in your life. Woman is the core member of any family and she is the one who will keep you and your family together as well as give you the strength and love to fight the world. It is just a matter of unity with support which helps us to improve our relationship and bonding.

Male should also contribute and help woman in household work. I recommend that proper mentoring and lesson should be given to young children so that they do not depend on others for work. All men must see and take pride in doing laundry so that it could set an example for our next generation and signifies importance of sharing the load together in the family.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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