Rinse and Repeat #ShareTheLoad

It is often found that housewife stands like a solid pillar and gives moral support and emotional support to family members.She takes care of everything and manage household alone.She takes care of food and clothing,cleaning and many more responsibilities.She makes look house perfect in all aspect and very much organized.She keeps on working hard and never cares about any sort of praise or anything else.I would say that household work is a big task and requires lot of efforts.Running the whole house is not any child play and requires commitment and time to ensure everything is taken care in right way. We should not be self centred and wait for wife to do the cleaning job.Children for next generation should leave the old myths and perform all work at home.

It is important that housewife must get enough sleep and rest to stay fresh and happy.This can be done by reducing her work at home and helping her in any form of household chore.This could be by cleaning your room or utensils.You can also wash your own clothes and laundry.All this activity together will be beneficial  work will be done in very quick and in hassle free manner andSmall moments like helping your wife in the kitchen or doing laundry can tell you how to live and show your love and affection for her. It could be small activity but this will show that you respect her and take care of her.There is also a chance that your body shape could come back on track with more activeness of the body leading to a healthy life.

This will help them to sustain a better living and achieve something more in life.It will give them time to think more about their hobbies and pursue other things in life.This can give them an opportunity to utilize their full potential and may reduce their stress.

I am born in such a society where there are little more favorable conditions for woman and people often stand with male in all situations.People try to pass comments and want that laundry should be woman affair only but we must do something from our side to share the load. Time has come that we all stand up to fight for woman pride at home and household chore should be made mandatory for all and treated  as primary responsibility.It will make men more responsible and also help in making their relationship at home more strong and give joy of real togetherness.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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