World of Music

Music plays a very huge impact in everyone’s life. Since times immemorial, music has been a symbol of peace and calmness. It has been the divine way by which we humans connect to our god in the form of devotional songs. Music gives a joyful and relaxing feeling to the mind and it can be used as an effective tranquilizer in one’s life. Goddess Saraswati is considered the goddess of music and is symbolized with a Veena instrument in her hand. Music is very good for youth as music is one of the best ways to understand emotions and feel about life and it also helps to focus and concentrate better on the work at hand. Music has made a huge impact in my life and it has helped me to work under pressure in a better way. Whenever I feel sad, I switch on my smart phone and turn on the radio station application and listen to music. It is the best medicine for me to cure stress.

Music of the perfect type can do wonders in your life. Listening to music parallel to your mood, can help control your mood swings a lot. Music can control your moods. It can elevate your spirits when you are low, it can calm you down, when you are very excited or aggressive, and it can be the tonic of your life. It is also said that those who hear and listen to music regularly, have a deeper understanding of life and philosophy as compared to normal people. They are said to be calmer and mature than their counterparts. There are different types of music like rock and pop plus bass style. They all convey different moods and feelings. People also use music as a tool to vent out their emotions and feelings in the form of singing. Now days, music industry has become one of the biggest industries in our country. With so many famous singers and musicians like Sunidhi Chauhan or Zakir Husain etc. Coming into the fray, the Indian music industry has achieved global heights in today’s times.

Music and songs are responsible for the running of the movies in the box offices as well. Classic music is one of the best forms of music. India has been a land of classic singers who sung different types of songs from emotional to religious ones. One of my favourite singers is Lata Mangeshkar. She has a deep and a soothing voice. She has given voice to songs which are patriotic and connect to every Indian. These songs are so full of emotions that one feels the same feelings and often feel connected to the situation. Even today when you hear her golden melodious voice, the joy you will get will be just unparalleled to hearing of any other singer of this new modern generation.

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