Living Together in love

Love,a word used to say many contrasting emotions. Love is something divine and marriage is the culmination of love. Marriage is the sacred culmination of the emotions of love. When two people are truly in love, their union is known as marriage. Life becomes dull and boring if it continues in normal way and there is no laugh or unusual incidents. We need some kind of romance and little bit of fights in order to have a better understanding and relationship. We humans are bound to have swing of moods and change as per the situation.

A long lasting marriage works on the principles of trust, mutual understanding, love and respect for your partner. You are a lucky person if you can marry the person you love, because it makes the life of both the husband and the wife very easy if they both love each other and are easily compatible with each other. I am lucky enough to have got married to my girl-friend of 5 years. We both have faced the ordeals of a long distance relationship and so many aversions from parents, society etc. but that has not broken us, and rather it made us stronger and bonded to each other.

Being together even at the moments of crisis has made us the strength of each other and also face the problems of life with a smile. On a fine warm day dated 14thFebruary ,I became the most luckiest person of the world,when my crush came and proposed doubt I was elated and spell bound. I could not even reply to her. I could just put a smile and give her a hug. We both still laugh at me getting dumb and numb in front of her.

Though we could not ever get to the answer, but still we both laugh a lot, when we are trying to convince each other. Moments like these tell us how to live and show us how to love. Even the fights have their own role to play in a relationship and that too a very important one. Fights show our true character and spirit, and how easily we let go of our egos for our loved ones.

They tell us about how to react and control your emotions so that the other person can smile and be happy. The feeling of being together is very gives you the much needed support and love in your life. Your soul partner-your wife is the strength of you as well your family.

Hence we should respect her plus  take care of her, and give her the space she needs and keep her smiling, because she will be the one, who will keep you and your family together as well as give you the strength and love to fight the world.

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”


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