Wake up to a Gold Morning

Life has lot of twist and turns. It is not a bed of roses and there are challenges for each one of us every day. We must be optimistic in our approach to life at all times and the best thing to take this forward is to have a fresh and joyful start of the day. We need a fresh start everyday and to turn our morning into gold morning, everyone must follow the simple formula which states that early to bed and wake up before sunlight which keeps you healthy plus fit and fine. We must amend our sleeping habits and tiredness or laziness can pull you off and make it very dull. Early morning is the best time of the day as there is not much crowd and you can feel the calmness all around you with birds chirping and freshness in the air. I love to stay active and going for morning walk that helps me turn my morning filled with optimism. I love to turn my good mornings into gold ones by following the right habits and ways as taught by my parents. The primary thing is to maintain good oral hygiene and for this purpose I prefer to use my Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush for keeping my teeth white and free from germs. There is no more bad breadth or bleeding gums and all credit to Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush. I can feel the awesomeness within me and this is my step towards good to gold morning.

A cup of green tea with family members while reading the newspaper also helps to stay updated with the latest news from around the globe. Another things which keep me balanced and leads to gold morning is that I usually keep my mobile phone in silence mode and do not check social messages. I love to intake fresh fruits and green vegetables than having junk food which provides me right portion of nutrient and give me energy for the whole day. Next thing which gives me peace and inner satisfaction is to pray to almighty before going out for work for everything. This is a must when you want a happy and calmness in life. Finally my moment of good mornings turn into gold morning when I get some good surprise gifts from close family members and blessings from others which keeps me ticking and moving in life.

Thanks for #Colgate360GoldMornings



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