Living Together in love

Love,a word used to say many contrasting emotions. Love is something divine and marriage is the culmination of love. Marriage is the sacred culmination of the emotions of love. When two people are truly in love, their union is known as marriage. Life becomes dull and boring if it continues in normal way and there is no laugh or unusual incidents. We need some kind of romance and little bit of fights in order to have a better understanding and relationship. We humans are bound to have swing of moods and change as per the situation.

A long lasting marriage works on the principles of trust, mutual understanding, love and respect for your partner. You are a lucky person if you can marry the person you love, because it makes the life of both the husband and the wife very easy if they both love each other and are easily compatible with each other. I am lucky enough to have got married to my girl-friend of 5 years. We both have faced the ordeals of a long distance relationship and so many aversions from parents, society etc. but that has not broken us, and rather it made us stronger and bonded to each other.

Being together even at the moments of crisis has made us the strength of each other and also face the problems of life with a smile. On a fine warm day dated 14thFebruary ,I became the most luckiest person of the world,when my crush came and proposed doubt I was elated and spell bound. I could not even reply to her. I could just put a smile and give her a hug. We both still laugh at me getting dumb and numb in front of her.

Though we could not ever get to the answer, but still we both laugh a lot, when we are trying to convince each other. Moments like these tell us how to live and show us how to love. Even the fights have their own role to play in a relationship and that too a very important one. Fights show our true character and spirit, and how easily we let go of our egos for our loved ones.

They tell us about how to react and control your emotions so that the other person can smile and be happy. The feeling of being together is very gives you the much needed support and love in your life. Your soul partner-your wife is the strength of you as well your family.

Hence we should respect her plus  take care of her, and give her the space she needs and keep her smiling, because she will be the one, who will keep you and your family together as well as give you the strength and love to fight the world.

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Odd-Even at its Best


We all know about the odd-even rule which was applied in the National Capital Delhi few days back. With the growing pollution density in the city it was a lot necessary to take certain measures to control the pollution growth which was growing at a very faster rate in the city. It is a step was taken by the Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) govt. which is currently in power. That step was distributing the load of traffic on the roads on different days. Ministry made a reform for a trial from Jan 1 to Jan 15 2016 such that only cars with odd registration numbers will be functional on odd days and cars with even registration numbers will be functional on only even days. However, this was applicable to petrol and diesel variants of the vehicles and CNG which is considered as the green fuel was allowed to be functional on all the days.

Every measure has some pros and cons. Similarly, behind this new step taken by the ministry the aim was to control the pollution level and it also helped in reducing traffic on local roads but it also raised some measures issues like public transportation were not able to meet the heavy load that was increased these days. Delhi Metro was full right from the first station and there was no space for people waiting at the subsequent stations. Also, people faced problem to follow their daily routines as there were delay in the schedule. The government must see and take action so that this rule can be implemented in a better way in coming days and then could set an example for the other states.

But, a change is the need of the hour. May be it is the time that some change would come and it is trying to come. Kejriwal promised to make proper arrangements for facilities before this scheme would be relaunched. However, one thing was quite clear that Delhi people showed unity with support as they followed this rule with great discipline and immatureness. This raise a hope in the hearts of that entire situation can be made better as all are united. And this would apply not only to Delhi but to all the cities in the nation.

We all know about the GPS navigation which can help people find the nearest cabs and taxis to take them to their destination. Cheap CNG cabs from the govt. can help to alleviate the situations. Also, Metro load should be increased for the people at least at the major and common stations which link to corporate offices and residential. As a spectator to this condition, I can understand that this would be highly difficult to implement but once done we can at least give fresh air to our children and the upcoming generations. This rule has really created an impact for the whole society.


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Inspired by #MadeofGreat

Talent cannot be hidden at any cost and certain sportsman learn the basics right and get mature at an early age. I would like to take you to the Brazilian world of football where we have the most charming and impact player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, commonly known as Neymar Jr. among the fans in the football world. He is among the top youth footballers of the world. He is just 23 years old and he is the captain of the national football team of Brazil for the American Cup and plays as the forward winger for the team. He showed an excellent piece of foot on the ground playing for Brazil in the FIFA 2014. He is Jersey no. 10 in Brazil as he is an integral member of the team. In domestic football, he plays for the famous Spanish Club FC Barcelona. He joined the club in 2013 after when he was entitled as the best player in South America. He is a very passionate personality which inspires other people involving his fans too to do something great with passion.

He is known for excellent skills in various techniques like dribbling, ball handling. He has a very good acceleration even while carrying the ball. The match that he plays become excited whenever he makes his furious run with the ball dribbling all far from the half to the penalty spot and finally landing the ball in the opposition’s goal. He is really a player with par excellence and what is the most astonishing thing about him is that he is just 23 years now. So, we can just not imagine what he would be capable of when he would be of the age of famous legends Ronaldo and Messi.

Sometimes, I also think if a person like him belonging from a country like Brazil who started playing football on streets can do such wonders and can become an important player at the international level then why people like us can’t achieve what we want in our life? Looking at him it seems that a human can achieve whatever he wants in his life if he is passionate in doing things, he is determined to reach to his desired target and take appropriate steps to reach the destination without wasting time and energy.

I wasn’t fateful enough to watch playing him in front of my eyes in live but always watched him on TV and I think that if I am inspired so much by just watching him over TV then what would have happened to the people who have seen the live game of this exciting player in front of them. Such a huge amount of positive vibes must have been generated in them to do some real great things. That’s how sports help us to achieve great things in life.He has inspired millions of young players to take up this sports and play in the right way.

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Andres Iniesta-The Fantastico Player

There is no better inspiration and excellent example other than Andres for me in my life. He has enlightened the spirit in youth and rose from a common man family to become a real star in life. All this has been due to his hard work and passion. This football player today is one of the most popular names in the football world. He is the football all-rounder, the play maker of the Spanish football; he is the one and only Andres Iniesta. He is 31 years of age and a very experienced football player. He plays as the midfielder position in the squad for the team. He is referred as the play maker by many official and game experts because he is a master in making the flow of the game and assisting the ball to the striker in such a way that he directly shoots the ball into the goal. He has an ability to make excellent attempts in creating a through ball away from the defenders of the opposition team directly to the striker of their team. Overall, he is an exciting player who is loved by many people who want to watch quality football matches.

He plays as the central midfielder for FC Barcelona in the domestic world of football; He has served as the captain of the team many times. Iniesta helped Barcelona win over many league titles and also a lot of domestic cups. He is one of the bets midfielders that the world has ever seen in this century. He made his first debut in 2008 from FC Barcelona. He was a participant in the Barcelona youth academy earlier, where he had already impressed the coaches with his excellent skills, ball control and ability to make the game flow.He plays from the national team of Spain. He is one of the most players there and a player on whom almost every game of Spain is decided upon. Iniesta has already played for Spain many times in U-16 and U19 before playing his first international debut match. He is now recognized worldwide one of the players in the World team XI. Every match he plays has something special because he makes them special. This quality of him motivates me lot very times. I just get inspired and many times while I am watching his game I feel like some kind of energy within me is calling me to work hard for my goals in life. His dedication in game and passion has set example for youth. He is really an icon and fantastico whom we can follow and learn to achieve our goals in life.

There are always some people in the world who do some extraordinary job and these things inspire others and he is actually one of those kinds who inspire many to be determined in life to achieve our own goals in life. I would like to salute such an extraordinary person for his great achievements in life and would try to become like him one day.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Wake up to a Gold Morning

Life has lot of twist and turns. It is not a bed of roses and there are challenges for each one of us every day. We must be optimistic in our approach to life at all times and the best thing to take this forward is to have a fresh and joyful start of the day. We need a fresh start everyday and to turn our morning into gold morning, everyone must follow the simple formula which states that early to bed and wake up before sunlight which keeps you healthy plus fit and fine. We must amend our sleeping habits and tiredness or laziness can pull you off and make it very dull. Early morning is the best time of the day as there is not much crowd and you can feel the calmness all around you with birds chirping and freshness in the air. I love to stay active and going for morning walk that helps me turn my morning filled with optimism. I love to turn my good mornings into gold ones by following the right habits and ways as taught by my parents. The primary thing is to maintain good oral hygiene and for this purpose I prefer to use my Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush for keeping my teeth white and free from germs. There is no more bad breadth or bleeding gums and all credit to Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush. I can feel the awesomeness within me and this is my step towards good to gold morning.

A cup of green tea with family members while reading the newspaper also helps to stay updated with the latest news from around the globe. Another things which keep me balanced and leads to gold morning is that I usually keep my mobile phone in silence mode and do not check social messages. I love to intake fresh fruits and green vegetables than having junk food which provides me right portion of nutrient and give me energy for the whole day. Next thing which gives me peace and inner satisfaction is to pray to almighty before going out for work for everything. This is a must when you want a happy and calmness in life. Finally my moment of good mornings turn into gold morning when I get some good surprise gifts from close family members and blessings from others which keeps me ticking and moving in life.

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