Live and #KnowYourRights


Talking about present times, I would talk about common man fear. There is no surprise than women have fear that if they would be able to reach safe at home especially after the car rape accident or the bus case. There is fear among parents these days for sending their kids to school as there are many cases of sexual violence being reported while going to school.It is said that society often ignores the victim and does not support them. But we should rather stand like a solid pillar and gives them moral support and pushes them to fight for their justice and file a police complaint for punishment of the criminal. We should give credit to the victim and give him full support for reporting such matter.

This fear of none reporting the sexual violence can get the victim in troubled situation at times and situation could turn more violent in later stages. In such a situation, you must report the matter to your my parents who could rescue you from this situation by taking this matter seriously and help you to have sense of security. At all times, it is recommended to rise above fear and get straight forward.

Before the situation gets out of hand, you must take guidance from your mom or with your friends. It is true in many facts that such sexual incident happen from that person who knows the victim. The situation may be hard to believe for your parents if the person is from closed one but it will be better as they will not expect you to hide things and situation may become out of control. I feel being brave will really help you though it could be embarrassing for your family at that moment but they will help you by filing a police complaint or taking legal action against such person.

We all are educated and know about our rights and duties. We should not ignore any form of sexual violence at any cost and be ready to rise in such situation without worrying about the society and external environment. This can give you a chance to be bold and get freedom from that person. The accused may stop harming you sensing the fear and stop his coward acts. A victim may undergo lot of emotional and physical stress at times and it may harm the victim health in long run. A single step taken by the victim can really set the tone for other people of the society and improve the situation.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”


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