More than sixty years of independence and we are still not able to ensure woman security and safety and this creates a bad image in the minds of tourists and raises concern whether they should come to our country or not. For men, we can still afford tolerate but for Indian women, it is really difficult when she want to fight for herself and speak up against sexual harassment. The only option left is either remain silent or move in order to find a safe place. Sometimes it is very difficult for victim to find a suitable place and this hurts dignity and raises fear to live in the society. It feels really sad when we hear about news like teenage girls are raped and undergoing such acts. Such incidents are common and nothing new in our country. This problem arises mainly because people are still unaware about their rights and powers. Other issues involve lack of awareness among people as information is not provided by government or it does not reach the right person.

Three points to encourage everyone about raising an alarm against sexual violence:-

  1. Punishment for Crime

The person who has committed such act has no right to roam freely and should be caught and given punishment which could be severe and serve justice to the victim. Criminal are also sometime very smart and try to run away and remove the evidence which may be needed for judgement of the victim. This is other reason for reporting such crime within hours of facing such violence.

  1. Better Security for people

Time has come that we all stand up to fight against sexual violence and strict rules should be made mandatory for all and as a social responsibility we all should ask questions to government on such issues about their role in providing better laws and regulations against such sexual crimes.

  1. Victim Health and Life

Victim may suffer for many months if the person does not open up and share his emotional and physical trauma with his family or people who can really help. It is important to alert and raise the alarm at right time because a delay in such critical situation can harm the victim health and body. There may be need of urgent medical attention as it can be a case of facing physical damage to body parts and other diseases which could be critical for survival of victim.

All these factors indicate that how raising voice can help in fighting sexual violence.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”






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