Charming Goa

We are born to live a happy and healthy life but we end up going after money and forget the real purpose of life. Life is about so much of competitions and pressure these days that one fined it difficult to survive easily in corporate world and in metro cities. In such an occasion, we often try to find a place where we unwind and relax ourselves and first thing which comes to our mind is Goa. It is a very beautiful place and should be visited by all. It has a lot of beaches which makes it really wonderful. It has one of the greatest sight-seeing venues and also many natural sites that add up to its aesthetic beauty. Goa people are also very helpful and we can connect or engage with them for any kind of help. The atmosphere is light and calm throughout the year in Goa.

Goa is one of the most visited tourist destination in India and popular among tourists from other countries too. It is all about sun, sand and sea beaches. The atmosphere is very cool and people are happy to come here and enjoy with their family members. It is known as honeymoon destination for many young people and often teenagers are seen in indulging in water sports and adventure activities on regular basis. Goa is best in service delivery performance plus design and has world class casino and hotels. Goa airport is also capable to handle heavy passenger rush during the festival season and December carnival. Goa has international perception when we see the Goa church and see the ancient forts. Nowadays Goa has become a very importance for guests as many big weddings take place in these special sea side resorts and five star hotels.

Goa brings about the spectacular view of the beach and greenery all round which helps to unwind and have unforgettable pleasant experience. Goa has coastline towards both North and South Goa and we can do shopping for my family plus enjoy the fashionable nightlife with Goon traditional food at various beautifully decorated restaurants around the Baga beach.

Music fest and Film festivals is held every year and many initiatives are taken as part of Incredible India campaign and supported by  Tourism Department for promotion of Goa as a destination. People love to enjoy the freedom in Goa and that is the reason we see that bikes and motor car are given on hire basis to the tourists. Driving in Goa is full of fun because there is not much traffic as we see in the metro cities. We can cover the whole Goa while driving on the motor bike and enjoy the natural surroundings. Coconut water and non vegetarian dishes are very much in demand in Goa.I would also recommend all people to must go the Goa church and see the beautiful design and feel the peace.

I would give Goa perfect score in terms of design,connect and drive and it is one of the Indian #madeofgreat city.


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