Sugar Free Gajar Halwa

We all love to eat Carrot Halwa in winter season and it is one of the tastiest and healthy homemade recipes which can be made with ease and requires very few ingredients. I am going to give you a small brief today about making the sugar free carrot halwa today. The whole dish preparation usually takes around 45 minutes and requires constant stirring at times.

Ingredients Required 

1 Kg carrots- Grated
Ghee – 7/8 tablespoon
Cashews and raisins -1/2 cup
Sugarfree Sweetener as required
Choti Elachi/Cardamoms – 10 pieces mix
Low fat Milk – 1 litre

Preparation Method 

1. Wash the carrots and then use hand grater to grate all the carrots. We should use a thick grater as it makes it more presentable.

2. Take a big pan with thick bottom and add ghee to it and heat it. Then add the grated carrot and stir it well in medium flame.

3. Now add the milk and other ingredients like cashews, raisins and cardamom powder to it. Put the gas on low flame and stir the mixture till the batter reduces to half. I would suggest if we use skimmed milk to make the halwa tastier and we will also burn low calories.

  1. after few minutes as mixture looks ready, simple add Sugarfree Natura about 4 tablespoons and mix it well. You may add more if you like extra sweetness. Sugar free Natura is good for person who is diabetic and even for others. It is a very good substitute of using sugar directly.

Now your recipe Sugar Free Gajar Halwa is all set and ready to serve. I would be happy if you share with me any another recipe too.

Happy Cooking!



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