The joy of Real Togetherness

Life is about fulfilling about relationship and never ending human needs. I feel real togetherness is around us and we do not need money or fame to get happiness in life. Being together in life is ways to get happy in life. All special memories together with family make it very special for me and it helps me to enjoy life. I feel inspired by nature and our surrounding environment.

Nature offers so much opportunities and also we live same lifestyle everyday and sometimes it feels so bored of doing same things again and thus by changing our regular routine can lead to joy and help in better connection with family. On the other hand, mobiles have taken over the real emotions and we are often wishing our loved ones by sending a message or just by calling them over the phone. We need to go back and learn from our ancestors who had given more importance and value to relationship in life and standing for each other. There was strong love relationship and power to sacrifice for even long distant relatives. Our culture and tradition are same but we are lacking in bringing togetherness within the social circle. Real togetherness can be achieved by being connected with nature. It gives me comfort and acts like a medicine to me. Travelling with family to beaches or hill stations helps me to overcome all my fatigue and stress behind and help me to find happiness for real togetherness. I think that hosting a party in open lawn or near the sea shore is the idol thing as it also attracts my friends and relatives to have a beautiful view and we can have a dance party or music in loud noise which bonds my relationship with friends and relatives.

We all know that our country has lot to offer in terms of natural environment. The present need of the hour is to take a step back and revive old bonding with a touch of nature and let the emotions flow from the heart and not the smart phones. Simple things if done together can even make you happy and make life very interesting and colourful. I acknowledge that doing small things as more important than money or luxury which can give me more comfort and unearth the real joy of togetherness anytime. I wish if I can visit the paradise on earth known as Kashmir. I also referred to as the World`s Heaven present on the Earth. It is a very beautiful place and has a lot of valleys and waterfalls along with huge mountain peaks which makes add up to its aesthetic beauty. I would want to take my wife to this place and held her hand and bend on my knees to express my emotions than wishing her the same over the mobile phone. It will look more romantic and also help in making our relationship more strong and give me joy of real togetherness with her.

Do watch out this amazing video on to know more.


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