Right Mentor at Right Time with #SachchiAdvice

I am born and brought up in a family where there are so many close members who stand with me in all situations and give me honest feedback when needed. I consider my family as my role model and an inspiration who has motivated me to follow my passion and given me wings of confidence throughout my career. All my success in my lifetime is due to their love and blessings. They have taken care of me and have been my pillar of strength and given me moral education so that I can judge and make right decisions in my life. I remember once from my childhood days when I was trying to learn the mathematics questions and answers and would fail in this subject. At that time, my sister told me that practice makes us perfect and we need to continue to learn and practice things than learn them. She taught me the basic rules of maths and understanding complex formulas and ways to apply them. Also, I was not good in English language writing and would often get fewer marks in it. It was really tough for me but her coaching helped me to attain highest marks in my school and winning one English essay competition.

After my board secondary exams, I was totally clueless about my career. But she told me to pursue my passion and interest and follow a career as per my preferences. My parents and cousins also have played a big role to uplift the dream that I wanted to choose. I also remember while preparing for my medical exam, I knew that I had overweight condition. My parents took me to gym trainer who gave me diet chart and right coaching. He helped me to lose weight so that I could qualify for the same. It could not be possible without him as he took the pain and would jog and run with me for hours. He would wake up early in the morning and restricted me to proper food diet. I love my parents and my gym coach plus everyone who has given me everything in my career till date.Now all I want is to imply their rules and guidelines every day so that I can sustain a better living and achieve something more in life.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


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