Incredible Airtel 4G-The next Generation network

Airtel has really done a great job to redefine our Smartphone using experience and give us an opportunity to utilize full potential of our 4G smart phones through their latest 4G services. I am glad that airtel has given the opportunity to its users to get high speed connectivity at affordable rate and almost equivalent to prices of 3G network. The new 4G sim is available for public and all you need is 4G Smartphone and twitter account.The new Airtel 4G services gives so many reasons to avail the plan and main advantage is that you get 4G speed at 3G prices.Airtel has also challenged to its users on their website regarding the network speed and airtel is ready to pay the life time phone bills for the customer if his network is faster than airtel 4G.You can further enter your mobile number on their website to see if your phone is 4G ready or not.

This time Airtel Company has really impressed me and has given a new dimension to the way we deal with our issues related to buying new sim or upgrading our current network. They have tried to match up with current trends and have started to use twitter which is social media platform for their new 4G sim services. I am using airtel mobile number for many years and I am really happy to upgrade my 4G Smartphone to Airtel 4G sim services by just sending a tweet to the @Airtelindia on twitter using #GetAirtel4G hash tag.Airtel has really gone extra mile this time to connect with their customers and given importance to their valuable time. This new service on twitter is really awesome and it helps users to save their previous time and get the airtel sim for their 4G Smartphone delivered for free in a day or even less time. There is no need to use any third party application or visit any outlet anymore as you will get the response from airtel on twitter within a minute after you send your tweet asking for your address and personal details. I must say airtel has made the whole process very simple, quick and in hassle free.I would highly recommend airtel users with 4G handsets to upgrade their phone to airtel 4G services as it can really help you to save time with incredibly fast 4G service.


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