Giving the Best Platform to My Child

Today, I would like to discuss with you all a very good thought about which I think you all should have a view also. Child-Age is the most important phase of human life. It is a crucial one because how a person becomes in life is totally as well as almost entirely dependent on what are his experiences about this diverse world in his child age. It is the age when the thinking capacity of the brain is the most active, a child may not know the difference in the good or the bad but he still has a very good ability to think in deep. It is also the age when the human brain is at its par to learn about the world around us and also to judge about the phenomena occurring around us.

Parents play a crucial in role how a child grows up and how important his experiences about his childhood are. It is very important for the parents to uplift the dream that a child builds as those dreams help in increasing their imagination which is in direct relation to increase the creativity of a person. Always remember that the world needs creative people rather than people who simply live their lives on the path laid down by others. A child`s mind is so much efficient that it has a lot of capacity to create a world full of fantasy on his own which further help in increasing the creativity of a child or a person and hence help to innovate.

According to me the thing that matters the most in life is to “INNITIATE” and that is what I ask from all the parents to initiate for their children to dream things whatever they like but remember that guidance is needed so that a child utilizes his intense energy in the right form.

When a child is born, he deserves the right to get adequate education and qualification to fulfil his dreams and so it is very much necessary for the parents to invest something really helpful for the child`s future. Education is the birth right of all and that is something I think no child should suffer from not able to receive. Parents should finally support in giving directions to the child`s dreams and also help financially in fulfilling those dreams.

I hope you all have liked my views about this sensitive issue and would try to follow the same. In the end always remember in life that,

Pay close attention to your child’s interests and nurture his talent early in life. You never know, he might be the next Sachin Tendulkar. Invest in your child’s future with Aviva Life Insurance.

“What you sow today, is what you harvest tomorrow.”


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