Top 5 travel Destinations

I like travelling very much and my job profile requires me to travel all over India covering lengths and breadths of the countries including the remote areas and connecting with so many people,retailers,distributors and suppliers in order to expands our market beyond the national boundaries and establish relationship with new customers.I have traveled almost every special place in India, which is the most diverse country in the world and I have selected some of them as the best ones to tell you today.These includes “Taj Mahal” in Agra which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is one of the best places in the world also. And I am proud that I belong to a country which has so much assets. Taj Mahal was built by Shah-Jha, the great Mughal Ruler of his time. He built this for his love. This is a very beautiful monument which is white in colour.The second one is Udaipur, which is also known as the city of forts. This place has a collection of forts built by Rajputa rulers who earlier built them for themselves. Nowadays, they have become a very important place to visit and also many big weddings take place in these special forts.

Third one being Goa, which is the best beach in India and also it is also very popular tourist spot all over the South-Asia. Goa has many of its specialty besides being a big beach. Goa has sweet and pure coconut water and also has a magical vacation smell in the air as it is almost full in the days of vacation.Fourth place that I would recommend you all to surely visit is the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. These are one of the oldest caves that we have ever known. These are a stretch of mountains in which beautiful caves are made with a lot of integrity on the walls which are beautifully in scripted by our ancestors.

I love to follow my religion and visit places of religious importance like Vrindavan in Mathura.It is the place where Shri-Krishna grew up. Later one can also visit Mathura where he was born. There are many temples out here which are beautiful enough to be visited.I cannot forget the paradise on earth known as Kashmir. It is also referred to as the World`s Heaven present on the Earth. It is a very beautiful place and should be visited by all. It has a lot of valleys and waterfalls along with huge mountain peaks which makes it really wonderful.It has one of the greatest sight-seeing venues and also many lakes add up to its aesthetic beauty.

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My cutest Baby Ka Max Move

Well we live same lifestyle everyday and sometimes it feels so bored of doing same things again and again with no innovation and there is a inner carving of doing something new or getting in to a new domain with something refreshing or in simple words we all look for a reason for a simple change. Well my baby gave me that change, it was as usual me and my baby alone and while I don’t know how my baby while clicking randomly on the mobile handset started playing some tunes and it was during that Colgate tune started and it was a thrilling music to my hears as the beat was so nice and refreshing and soon I had an idea of making a dance movie video of my baby with Colgate.

I never know that my baby was so much into dancing that without much struggle the video was completed in such a short time and we both listened to the Colgate tune again and again and spent time together while dancing and singing the beats and it made our day. Our small world had a bit of change which gave us a unique entertaining time to thrill our self.I am blessed to do something like this and enjoy sweet moments with my son.

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Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

One of the biggest telecom providers Airtel has brought a new way to redefine our Smartphone using experience and give us an opportunity to utilize full potential of our 4G smart phones through their latest 4G services. I am glad that airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services and has given the opportunity to its users to get super power speed connectivity at affordable rate and almost equivalent to prices of 3G network. One thing I love about airtel 4G sim is that it can be bought easily and all you need is 4G Smartphone and twitter account. I like the Airtel Company and its services which have really impressed me and we can get the new 4G Airtel network directly from twitter which is social media platform.

One of my relative is using airtel mobile number for many years and I am really happy to tell that he upgraded his phone to Airtel 4G sim services by just sending a tweet to the handle @airtelindia on twitter using #GetAirtel4G hash tag. The new Airtel 4G service gives so many reasons to buy the airtel services and main advantage is that you get 4G speed at 3G prices. This new service is really cool and it helps users like me to save their precious time and get the best tool and applications from Google store downloaded in a minute or even less time there is no need to use any third party application to improve Smartphone performance or delete the old data to increase the Smartphone speed.

With Airtel 4G network, I can make a video call to my wife and see the live streaming of my son in high definition. I can feel the happiness which I will get after I see the kid relaxing, enjoying or playing with his games. I am big fan of Hollywood movies and love to listen to music. Once I get the 4G airtel sim with super fast downloading capability, I can download tons of videos and music albums any time and watch them live too without buffering and in continuation. Airtel 4G network speed is awesome as there is no need to wait for hours to download my favourite serials or movies. I am certain that number of close friends visiting my home would definitely increase once I grab this 4G network and its speed is something which gives it a competitive advantage over other service providers.

My office work will be done in very quick and in hassle free manner and reports will be sent in few seconds and ultimately airtel 4G services can help me save time with incredibly fast speed. I am fully convinced with Airtel as it has really gone extra mile this time to connect with their customers and given importance to their valuable time. You can further get more information on their website to see about airtel 4G services.

Thank you Didi

I am born and brought up in a family where we have two brothers and a sister.I consider my sister as my role model and an inspiration who has motivated me to follow my passion and given me wings of freedom throughout my career. I owe a lot to her for her guidance and motivation every day in my life.She is my mentor and reason for my success in my lifetime.I am one of the luckiest on this planet to have her in my life.Her love and blessings gives me ray of hope and confidence.

She has been a pillar of strength and given me moral education so that I can judge and make right decisions in my life. I remember once from my childhood days when we had a financial problem It was really difficult for my parents to pay our fees but still she told me to continue my education and she will take care of everything else.She taught me the basic rules of life and understanding value of money. I was not good in Hindi language writing and would often get fewer marks in it. At that point, my sister would teach me after coming back from work in the evening. She would sit with me for hours till midnight. It was really tough for her but her coaching helped me to attain highest marks in my school and winning one Hindi essay competition. Even when after passing 10th class, she told me to pursue my passion and interest and follow a career as per my preferences.I also remember while preparing for my medical exam, my sister helped me to lose weight so that I could qualify for the same. It could not be possible without him as he took the pain and would jog and run with me for hours.She would wake up early in the morning and restricted me to proper food diet.I love my sister and #MySiblingRocks for being my care taker and teaching me every day so that I can sustain a better living and achieve something more every day.

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My Son Next Generation Dance

Nothing beats those moments when you get to smile on your child face after coming from your office.It is so awesome to hug your child and spend time with him.We all know about corporate life with long hectic day at office and some long boring lengthy discussion and then getting stuck huge traffic jam at New Delhi which makes you very tiring.Well all this goes of your mind after I see my son.Yesturday I switched on the music gallery and at the same time thinking of something to get refreshed and good.I was just going to my bed room but my wife called me to see the Taazgi ka Dhamaka and the #MaxFreshMove of Allu Arjun and his co-star Anushka.After watching it,I felt some good positive vibes and my mood was much better.

Then my wife further insisted me to lets make a dance video with our baby and have some fun time.I really loved her idea and then first and foremost my son got the opportunity to wear the new dress which I bought him last weekend and he was all set and ready.As the music played on my phone,he started to grab the attention and like a hero,took the centrestage.We all got energized seeing him dancing and really the atmosphere with the music in background brought our family together.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

My Child First Dance move with Colgate

Well it was a long hectic day at office with some long boring lengthy discussion with my boss and client and same was followed by huge traffic jam at New Delhi from office to home and after a tiring two hours of drive, when I reached home, I was too tired to even have my dinner at home. Well I was just going to my bed room when my wife showed my latest video of my son when he was dancing on the tune of Colgate Max fresh.

Well the video was so funny that it made me forget about my hectic day and the baby smile in the dance was so refreshing and entertaining that it energized me and made me laugh and I must have watched the video several times before I also started dancing to the tune of Taazgi ka Dhamaka in the #MaxFreshMove song and soon a boring hectic day converted into a small family party in which we all danced and enjoyed and later had a good dinner at nearby restaurant. Sometimes small things can provide ample of boost and energy that we cannot predict but can feel it and that’s make the life in a better and happier way.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

Incredible Airtel 4G-The next Generation network

Airtel has really done a great job to redefine our Smartphone using experience and give us an opportunity to utilize full potential of our 4G smart phones through their latest 4G services. I am glad that airtel has given the opportunity to its users to get high speed connectivity at affordable rate and almost equivalent to prices of 3G network. The new 4G sim is available for public and all you need is 4G Smartphone and twitter account.The new Airtel 4G services gives so many reasons to avail the plan and main advantage is that you get 4G speed at 3G prices.Airtel has also challenged to its users on their website regarding the network speed and airtel is ready to pay the life time phone bills for the customer if his network is faster than airtel 4G.You can further enter your mobile number on their website to see if your phone is 4G ready or not.

This time Airtel Company has really impressed me and has given a new dimension to the way we deal with our issues related to buying new sim or upgrading our current network. They have tried to match up with current trends and have started to use twitter which is social media platform for their new 4G sim services. I am using airtel mobile number for many years and I am really happy to upgrade my 4G Smartphone to Airtel 4G sim services by just sending a tweet to the @Airtelindia on twitter using #GetAirtel4G hash tag.Airtel has really gone extra mile this time to connect with their customers and given importance to their valuable time. This new service on twitter is really awesome and it helps users to save their previous time and get the airtel sim for their 4G Smartphone delivered for free in a day or even less time. There is no need to use any third party application or visit any outlet anymore as you will get the response from airtel on twitter within a minute after you send your tweet asking for your address and personal details. I must say airtel has made the whole process very simple, quick and in hassle free.I would highly recommend airtel users with 4G handsets to upgrade their phone to airtel 4G services as it can really help you to save time with incredibly fast 4G service.

Giving the Best Platform to My Child

Today, I would like to discuss with you all a very good thought about which I think you all should have a view also. Child-Age is the most important phase of human life. It is a crucial one because how a person becomes in life is totally as well as almost entirely dependent on what are his experiences about this diverse world in his child age. It is the age when the thinking capacity of the brain is the most active, a child may not know the difference in the good or the bad but he still has a very good ability to think in deep. It is also the age when the human brain is at its par to learn about the world around us and also to judge about the phenomena occurring around us.

Parents play a crucial in role how a child grows up and how important his experiences about his childhood are. It is very important for the parents to uplift the dream that a child builds as those dreams help in increasing their imagination which is in direct relation to increase the creativity of a person. Always remember that the world needs creative people rather than people who simply live their lives on the path laid down by others. A child`s mind is so much efficient that it has a lot of capacity to create a world full of fantasy on his own which further help in increasing the creativity of a child or a person and hence help to innovate.

According to me the thing that matters the most in life is to “INNITIATE” and that is what I ask from all the parents to initiate for their children to dream things whatever they like but remember that guidance is needed so that a child utilizes his intense energy in the right form.

When a child is born, he deserves the right to get adequate education and qualification to fulfil his dreams and so it is very much necessary for the parents to invest something really helpful for the child`s future. Education is the birth right of all and that is something I think no child should suffer from not able to receive. Parents should finally support in giving directions to the child`s dreams and also help financially in fulfilling those dreams.

I hope you all have liked my views about this sensitive issue and would try to follow the same. In the end always remember in life that,

Pay close attention to your child’s interests and nurture his talent early in life. You never know, he might be the next Sachin Tendulkar. Invest in your child’s future with Aviva Life Insurance.

“What you sow today, is what you harvest tomorrow.”