Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

I would like to share a story of myself with you all. Once there was a boy, he was merely of 7-9 yrs of age. He was a very hard working child and also very intelligent and kind to others. He used to respect the elders and love the younger.  But there was one thing which was not good about him, like everybody is not perfect. That thing was that he didn`t like to eat at home. He didn`t liked the healthy home-made food as it seemed to be a lot tasteless and boring to him. He then started eating junk foods like Maggi, Chinese noodles, burgers and all other sort of junk foods which was unhealthy for him. Day by day his weight started increasing and he became very fat.His parents tried to stop him a lot but he didn`t listened to them as he was really obsessed for this tasty but unhealthy junk food. One day, he was working in his father`s workshop when he felt as if everything around him was dancing like a roller coaster. He felt on the ground and became unconscious. Immediately he was admitted to the biggest hospital of the city as he belonged to a very rich family. The next time he opened his eyes; he was resting on the hospital bed and was told that all this happened because of rise in body weight and fat accumulation in the body. The food which was tasty and good for him in reality made him weak and unhealthy from inside.

He was then advised to eat honey diet to reduce his extra body fat instantly within weeks. He started taking honey instead of regular sugar. He also ate honey (3 tablespoons) each night before going to bed with hot water or milk. This made the fructose to produce fat burning hormone by the brain to reduce his weight and this is a real story and you can`t even think that sweet honey could help you reduce your weight so much. But this all started with improper diet.

So I advice you all to eat balanced diet which will help you to live a healthy and prosperous life. Balanced diet contains a required amount of nutrient containing food which can really help your body to increase its efficiency and also avoid overeating too. Many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates too are very much important for the body to increase immunity and activeness of the body to live a healthy life.I will ask all my fellow bloggers to go with Honey Diet.You can also read more on http://www.daburhoney.com/

I think my experience would have helped you a lot to understand the importance of balanced diet better.


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