Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Cricket is something which everyone India is familiar with. It is the sport which is the favourite one for the majority of the population. Cricket is my hobby, my interest and my life too. I don’t only love to watch cricket matches but also like to play cricket. It is something magical for me and if even at 12 in the night someone wakes me to play cricket I will get ready in seconds and would go out to play it. It all started when I was 6-7 yrs of age as I remember. My father used to watch cricket on TV, I didn`t liked it as I was not able to watch my TV shows for kids. Fortunately, I was forced to watch cricket matches and it took almost 5-6 matches after which I liked watching cricket. For more than 3-4 years I watched cricket and also started play cricket (or rather bat-ball in the street) with my neighbourhood friends. The show started then, as cricket became my life and started doing anything either to watch cricket or to play it even during my exam days, it was not like I was addicted to it but yes I liked it more than enough.

I was 15 yrs of age. By this time I became a good player of my age and my school team had my name as the captain. But unfortunately, I was not allowed by my parents to go and play in the district tournament due to class-X Board Exams. Sometimes, watching cricket was an issue also. My parents didn’t allow me much to get involve in cricket as they did not want me to find a career in it. This was my love and craze for my game Cricket.

The fever of cricket is always hot in India whether it is one day or limited over match. I find it as a source of happiness for fans like me and the best part is watching the Indian Premier League. So even watching cricket matches became a problem.Watching match on my 3.5 inches small mobile was not a good option too and also the slow net speed with a lot of buffering was not a good idea too. But problems come and this is what life is. It is good that we have UC Cricket present in India which helps me to watch the match virtually even if I am travelling or busy with multiple work. I find the UC browser incredibly fast and have ability to compress files into small size. The bullet speed of this browser helps to get instant scores and news about the different matches with the detailed score. It further helps me to set up reminder and I can view all the information related to cricket match at one point without missing my TV.A big thanks to UC browser for bringing such thing for cricket lovers in India.


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