Taking Care of Baby

Care is the only thing a mother seeks in everything for her baby. She wants to give the best to her new born whether its food or soap. Skin of babies under the age of 0 to 3 is very soft and delicate, that’s why it needs special attention and care. Earlier people use to massage their babies with mustard oil but with the development of FMCG market we today have a wide variety of baby oils. Baby oil has been developed keeping in mind the delicate skin of a baby. It contains wide variety of vitamins and smells good as well unlike mustard oil. Fragrance of oil appeals to baby as well as to a mother. The base oil of baby oil is olive oil or almond oil which nourishes the skin of a baby. Baby oil is not only better than single oil but also easier in application. Baby oils are not as sticky as basic oils so there application is also easy. After giving bath to the baby it can be applied to baby’s skin with soft hands. Daily use of baby oil will keep the skin soft and radiant.

Oil to be used for massage should be selected carefully as babies have very delicate skin and it is scientifically proven that among the five senses skin is the most developed one at the time of birth and there’s research too that suggests that infant massage has enormous benefits in muscle development process of an infant.Baby oil has lot more advantages as it can help to ease your baby’s tummy trouble, calm him when he is fussy and soothe him to sleep. Also, all this process also helps in making your bond stronger with your baby as he feels your touch and it makes him more comfortable towards you. By application of oil it becomes easy for you to glide your hands over his body and to massage him properly. Good options of oil include canola, apricot, olive and coconut oil. These oils are absorbed by the skin of infants easily and they are also easily digestible as when your little one sucks his hands or finger. But beware of the oils which can clog the pores of the skin and can also potential to allergies.

There is not a fixed time or best time for massage; you should do that if your baby is in his own mood. Ignore the time when the baby is hungry or having a deep sleep as it could made him to feel irritated , you should follow the cue’s of baby if he started to cry and frown when you lay your hands on, keep the session for latter. And remember, it’s not always necessary to give a full body massage if your baby decides that it’s enough for him after you rubbed his legs and hands its ok.

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