Baby Oil and Massage

Today, I would like to share my views on baby oil massage by describing my own story. I was at my uncle`s place when I saw that my aunt was giving massage to my new born cousin. He is just 6 months old and so I feel excited to be with. He is now a little capable to observe people around him and as far as I guess he may recognize my uncle and aunt as his parents. His name is Rachit, which was named after performing Indian rituals and according to his time of birth and date. I like this name very much as this means “The Developer” in Hindi. When I sat beside him I asked my aunt about what she was doing who was still busy in giving massage to my little cousin. My aunt is a good person and she told me in detail about everything.

She started with telling that baby massage using oil is very much important for the baby as firstly, at this stage the child does not understand words and the only thing through which child gets the exposure to this world is through skin which is the reason the skin is described as the primary sensing organ. By having gentle touches to the skin of the baby, the child feels safe and secure and side by side also tries to learn about the world around it. Also at this stage, the brain is also developing and when each and every part of the body is touched the brain gets to feel every part of the body and tries to have a voluntary control over it.

Giving massage to the baby also helps in giving some time to the parent with the baby and when the baby see a particular person around it periodically again and again then it recognizes him easily. Also it is a habit of mothers to talk to baby even though they can`t reply which gives an opportunity to the baby to listen to the words and understand the native mother tongue which is the intelligence of the brain to learn the language without being taught much.

Now, a very important thing is oil that we use for massage contains various ingredients like almond, olive or coconut which make the body of the baby strong and healthy. This also makes the muscles strong and help in development of the body of the baby.

Listening this I thanked my aunt and told her that now I really know the importance of baby massage with oil. I think my experience would also help a lot to you also.

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