My childhood Khushe Ke Pal

Childhood is the most interesting and memorable phase of one’s life. It’s the time when one is completely unknown about the pressure of duties and responsibilities he has to face in future. In this amateur phase of life we are fully dependent on our parents, our parents try to do their best to make this phase memorable and enjoyable for us.

Parents are the first teachers of a child, they make their best efforts in shaping their child in a good human being. They try to answer all our stupid and silly questions which used to be very irritating but they patiently hear them and try to answer them in a manner so that we could easily understand them in a funny way. We all get the best memories with our parents in the childhood itself. I remember how my mother use to sit with me all the day and taught me how to speak, even while cooking she use to make me sit on the slab and we together rhyme poems. My use to spent all his time with me after coming from office, he was the reason that I am a good athlete. He taught me how to walk by holding my tiny hands so that I can feel safe, slowly and slowly I became a good runner. In school time I used to take part in all the races and my parents were always there up to cheer me.

The most amazing memory of my childhood was when my parents planned a surprised birthday bash for me. It was my tenth birthday and I was pretty much excited about the gifts I would get from my parents, but when I woke I noticed that everyone’s reaction was quite normal and I was very upset as it was my special day from the whole year. But in evening everything changed up when I entered my house after coming back from school , I noticed that something was strange as my mother used to stand outside the main gate to receive me and she was not there, also my grandmother was not sitting in verandah which was her relaxing spot in the afternoon. As I entered the living room it was all dark and as I switched on the lights I was mesmerized to see all my cousins and family member shouting loudly SURPRISE!! and singing the birthday songs for me. I was so stupid that I thought that my parents had forgotten my birthday as for them it was the day even more special as to me. That day was my favorite memory of my childhood.

Our childhood is incomplete without our parents and one is unable to return back favor for all the sacrifices our parents made for us to provide us with all the luxuries and comfort. At last I want to add that childhood is the beginning of one’s life journey in which our parents become our guides to overcome all the fears and help us to lay the beautiful foundation of our life.Last but not the least I cannot forget about having tasty Chocos in the breakfast which is still I love to intake it.

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