Showing the #MaxFreshMove

It is rightly said that where there is a will there is a way.We can have good physique, smarter looks and good acting skills but dance has become a necessity today to become a great actor like Hritik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. After watching their moves on television I decided to learn dance and then came to know about Allu Arjun who has given a new direction to style of dance.

As my interest starting developing in dance I got more attracted toward the famous form of dancing i.e. hip hop.I am big follower of Allu Arjun and his dance.



Hip hop by Allu Arjun brings energy and passion to me and it has become very popular among the youth. Hip hop has a very aggressive style; it requires a lot of power and is a great way to express your aggression.Doing the hip hop dance helped me a lot not just in transforming me in a good dancer but also helps me to become a good person. After an elapse of time dance not just became my necessity but has become my need, my day doesn’t get complete without a session of dancing.Dance comes with many benefits also, dance develops balance, control, posture, focus and fine tuned listening skills. Because dance inherently involves problem solving, pattern and sequence, it enhances higher thinking abilities. Dancing promotes self confidence, creativity and a sense of exuberance in accomplishment.


I want to try this Allu Arjun moves next time I go for wedding.I want to became a good dancer and these moves will get a special attention from all and I am sure that people will impressed by my dancing skills I want to give a rocking performance and impress the whole crowd by my hip hop moves and would love if they are spell bounded to see that how I performed such difficult stunts which requires a lot of practice with such an ease.I am sure these moves will itch everyone to dance in the wedding and they will be enthralled to see my dance moves and at that time I will be feeling that I am on the top of the world.

That’s how I want my dance to turn up in my life and create my own platform.I like to dance not just to enjoy but to bring enthusiam to others as it helps me to find the internal peace in my mind.

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Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

I would like to share a story of myself with you all. Once there was a boy, he was merely of 7-9 yrs of age. He was a very hard working child and also very intelligent and kind to others. He used to respect the elders and love the younger.  But there was one thing which was not good about him, like everybody is not perfect. That thing was that he didn`t like to eat at home. He didn`t liked the healthy home-made food as it seemed to be a lot tasteless and boring to him. He then started eating junk foods like Maggi, Chinese noodles, burgers and all other sort of junk foods which was unhealthy for him. Day by day his weight started increasing and he became very fat.His parents tried to stop him a lot but he didn`t listened to them as he was really obsessed for this tasty but unhealthy junk food. One day, he was working in his father`s workshop when he felt as if everything around him was dancing like a roller coaster. He felt on the ground and became unconscious. Immediately he was admitted to the biggest hospital of the city as he belonged to a very rich family. The next time he opened his eyes; he was resting on the hospital bed and was told that all this happened because of rise in body weight and fat accumulation in the body. The food which was tasty and good for him in reality made him weak and unhealthy from inside.

He was then advised to eat honey diet to reduce his extra body fat instantly within weeks. He started taking honey instead of regular sugar. He also ate honey (3 tablespoons) each night before going to bed with hot water or milk. This made the fructose to produce fat burning hormone by the brain to reduce his weight and this is a real story and you can`t even think that sweet honey could help you reduce your weight so much. But this all started with improper diet.

So I advice you all to eat balanced diet which will help you to live a healthy and prosperous life. Balanced diet contains a required amount of nutrient containing food which can really help your body to increase its efficiency and also avoid overeating too. Many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates too are very much important for the body to increase immunity and activeness of the body to live a healthy life.I will ask all my fellow bloggers to go with Honey Diet.You can also read more on

I think my experience would have helped you a lot to understand the importance of balanced diet better.

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Cricket is something which everyone India is familiar with. It is the sport which is the favourite one for the majority of the population. Cricket is my hobby, my interest and my life too. I don’t only love to watch cricket matches but also like to play cricket. It is something magical for me and if even at 12 in the night someone wakes me to play cricket I will get ready in seconds and would go out to play it. It all started when I was 6-7 yrs of age as I remember. My father used to watch cricket on TV, I didn`t liked it as I was not able to watch my TV shows for kids. Fortunately, I was forced to watch cricket matches and it took almost 5-6 matches after which I liked watching cricket. For more than 3-4 years I watched cricket and also started play cricket (or rather bat-ball in the street) with my neighbourhood friends. The show started then, as cricket became my life and started doing anything either to watch cricket or to play it even during my exam days, it was not like I was addicted to it but yes I liked it more than enough.

I was 15 yrs of age. By this time I became a good player of my age and my school team had my name as the captain. But unfortunately, I was not allowed by my parents to go and play in the district tournament due to class-X Board Exams. Sometimes, watching cricket was an issue also. My parents didn’t allow me much to get involve in cricket as they did not want me to find a career in it. This was my love and craze for my game Cricket.

The fever of cricket is always hot in India whether it is one day or limited over match. I find it as a source of happiness for fans like me and the best part is watching the Indian Premier League. So even watching cricket matches became a problem.Watching match on my 3.5 inches small mobile was not a good option too and also the slow net speed with a lot of buffering was not a good idea too. But problems come and this is what life is. It is good that we have UC Cricket present in India which helps me to watch the match virtually even if I am travelling or busy with multiple work. I find the UC browser incredibly fast and have ability to compress files into small size. The bullet speed of this browser helps to get instant scores and news about the different matches with the detailed score. It further helps me to set up reminder and I can view all the information related to cricket match at one point without missing my TV.A big thanks to UC browser for bringing such thing for cricket lovers in India.

Baby Oil and Massage

Today, I would like to share my views on baby oil massage by describing my own story. I was at my uncle`s place when I saw that my aunt was giving massage to my new born cousin. He is just 6 months old and so I feel excited to be with. He is now a little capable to observe people around him and as far as I guess he may recognize my uncle and aunt as his parents. His name is Rachit, which was named after performing Indian rituals and according to his time of birth and date. I like this name very much as this means “The Developer” in Hindi. When I sat beside him I asked my aunt about what she was doing who was still busy in giving massage to my little cousin. My aunt is a good person and she told me in detail about everything.

She started with telling that baby massage using oil is very much important for the baby as firstly, at this stage the child does not understand words and the only thing through which child gets the exposure to this world is through skin which is the reason the skin is described as the primary sensing organ. By having gentle touches to the skin of the baby, the child feels safe and secure and side by side also tries to learn about the world around it. Also at this stage, the brain is also developing and when each and every part of the body is touched the brain gets to feel every part of the body and tries to have a voluntary control over it.

Giving massage to the baby also helps in giving some time to the parent with the baby and when the baby see a particular person around it periodically again and again then it recognizes him easily. Also it is a habit of mothers to talk to baby even though they can`t reply which gives an opportunity to the baby to listen to the words and understand the native mother tongue which is the intelligence of the brain to learn the language without being taught much.

Now, a very important thing is oil that we use for massage contains various ingredients like almond, olive or coconut which make the body of the baby strong and healthy. This also makes the muscles strong and help in development of the body of the baby.

Listening this I thanked my aunt and told her that now I really know the importance of baby massage with oil. I think my experience would also help a lot to you also.

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Taking Care of Baby

Care is the only thing a mother seeks in everything for her baby. She wants to give the best to her new born whether its food or soap. Skin of babies under the age of 0 to 3 is very soft and delicate, that’s why it needs special attention and care. Earlier people use to massage their babies with mustard oil but with the development of FMCG market we today have a wide variety of baby oils. Baby oil has been developed keeping in mind the delicate skin of a baby. It contains wide variety of vitamins and smells good as well unlike mustard oil. Fragrance of oil appeals to baby as well as to a mother. The base oil of baby oil is olive oil or almond oil which nourishes the skin of a baby. Baby oil is not only better than single oil but also easier in application. Baby oils are not as sticky as basic oils so there application is also easy. After giving bath to the baby it can be applied to baby’s skin with soft hands. Daily use of baby oil will keep the skin soft and radiant.

Oil to be used for massage should be selected carefully as babies have very delicate skin and it is scientifically proven that among the five senses skin is the most developed one at the time of birth and there’s research too that suggests that infant massage has enormous benefits in muscle development process of an infant.Baby oil has lot more advantages as it can help to ease your baby’s tummy trouble, calm him when he is fussy and soothe him to sleep. Also, all this process also helps in making your bond stronger with your baby as he feels your touch and it makes him more comfortable towards you. By application of oil it becomes easy for you to glide your hands over his body and to massage him properly. Good options of oil include canola, apricot, olive and coconut oil. These oils are absorbed by the skin of infants easily and they are also easily digestible as when your little one sucks his hands or finger. But beware of the oils which can clog the pores of the skin and can also potential to allergies.

There is not a fixed time or best time for massage; you should do that if your baby is in his own mood. Ignore the time when the baby is hungry or having a deep sleep as it could made him to feel irritated , you should follow the cue’s of baby if he started to cry and frown when you lay your hands on, keep the session for latter. And remember, it’s not always necessary to give a full body massage if your baby decides that it’s enough for him after you rubbed his legs and hands its ok.

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My childhood Khushe Ke Pal

Childhood is the most interesting and memorable phase of one’s life. It’s the time when one is completely unknown about the pressure of duties and responsibilities he has to face in future. In this amateur phase of life we are fully dependent on our parents, our parents try to do their best to make this phase memorable and enjoyable for us.

Parents are the first teachers of a child, they make their best efforts in shaping their child in a good human being. They try to answer all our stupid and silly questions which used to be very irritating but they patiently hear them and try to answer them in a manner so that we could easily understand them in a funny way. We all get the best memories with our parents in the childhood itself. I remember how my mother use to sit with me all the day and taught me how to speak, even while cooking she use to make me sit on the slab and we together rhyme poems. My use to spent all his time with me after coming from office, he was the reason that I am a good athlete. He taught me how to walk by holding my tiny hands so that I can feel safe, slowly and slowly I became a good runner. In school time I used to take part in all the races and my parents were always there up to cheer me.

The most amazing memory of my childhood was when my parents planned a surprised birthday bash for me. It was my tenth birthday and I was pretty much excited about the gifts I would get from my parents, but when I woke I noticed that everyone’s reaction was quite normal and I was very upset as it was my special day from the whole year. But in evening everything changed up when I entered my house after coming back from school , I noticed that something was strange as my mother used to stand outside the main gate to receive me and she was not there, also my grandmother was not sitting in verandah which was her relaxing spot in the afternoon. As I entered the living room it was all dark and as I switched on the lights I was mesmerized to see all my cousins and family member shouting loudly SURPRISE!! and singing the birthday songs for me. I was so stupid that I thought that my parents had forgotten my birthday as for them it was the day even more special as to me. That day was my favorite memory of my childhood.

Our childhood is incomplete without our parents and one is unable to return back favor for all the sacrifices our parents made for us to provide us with all the luxuries and comfort. At last I want to add that childhood is the beginning of one’s life journey in which our parents become our guides to overcome all the fears and help us to lay the beautiful foundation of our life.Last but not the least I cannot forget about having tasty Chocos in the breakfast which is still I love to intake it.

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