Skin care Tips Pre-Post Holi Celebrations

I like to play this holi festival but it hurts when your skin is affected by colours. I love the article posted on which talks about skin care tips before and after Holi. the article, here is my blog about Holi festival and ways to protect skin.

HOLI is the festival of colours; it is widely celebrated across the country and also in many parts of the world. On this day people dress up and play with colours, water and this day is enjoyed by every section of the society. Families get together to enjoy this special day and eat sweets together. Being a special moment we should also have a check on the festival to be safe for children as well as adults. We as the responsible citizens of this nation have a duty to maintain decorum while enjoying this festival and play a safe holi. It is found that day by day quality of the colours is declining that leads to damage to the skin and also gives rise to major allergies among children.

We all know that “Prevention is better than cure” and that is what I also believe in and advice to take care for preventing skin damage while playing holi. Nowadays organic herbal colours are available in the market which possesses less risk of causing damage to the skin. We should also minimise the use of harmful industrially produced colours which harms the skin. We should often use colloidal substances on the skin which creates a coating on the skin and helps in avoiding direct contact of the harmful colours with our skin. Such a usually used substance is coconut oil, which forms a layer on the skin and prevents it from damage.

There are some Do`s and Don’ts which need to be taken care of to enjoy a safe holi.I would like to share with you these tips so that you can play holi without harming your skin and be safe. The most important thing is one need to check the colours with which we are playing holi and note that they should not be harmful. Secondly, oil your skin and hairs properly to prevent direct contact of colours with skin and avoid damage to it. My advice is to use enough water frequently so that the mixture of oil and colour do not get collected on the face and helps to avoid allergies to the face. On the other hand make sure that you do not use highly chemical substances like colour tubes, fog sprays, colouring greases as they leave an imprint of coloured chemicals and causes allergies to the skin. Do not get overexcited and one should not ride bikes as the roads are wet and the risks of accidents increases heavily. Also do not throw eatables like eggs as they cause injuries to eyes and ears and also lead to wastage of food stuffs.

Do follow these tips and enjoy this festival in a better way.

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