Fight against Pimples

Pimple is major skin problem which is most common in northern India. There are so many creams who claim to solve the issue but it looks more like a marketing strategy to sell their product. I am one of the next generation male and take my skin and face more seriously and always ready to spend money on products which make me look young and attractive plus free from skin problems. Pimple was the main cause of embarrassment for me during my school days and while in college. It is a small reason of acne and pimples that I almost lost my confidence. At one point of time, I had lost battle with pimple but recently while browsing the internet and found this interesting article Fight Pesky Pimples with Nature’s Power. The article has changed my life and now I feel pimples are no more visible on my face anymore. The article gives herbal way and natural tips using home remedies which I brought into practive and it helped me to come over it.


If you are having the pimple or acne issues then I must recommend you to go through this article and try using herbal and Ayurveda natural ways to get rid of acne. I followed the advice to use orange and lemon juice and applied it daily. Another alternative I tried is to use Aloe Vera and Garlic mask which helped to get rid of blackheads through its special formula. If you follow this advice and use it for latest five days a week regularly then you will definitely see the change and completely eliminate the pimple issue. It is also advisable that you must use Cinnamon & Honey Mask. It is very good for our skin as it remains cool and acts natural antibiotic. Indian spices are not just famous for flavours but also have many medicinal properties. I am talking about Basil & Mint which beautifies the skin if applied in form of mixture over the affected area and then washed off with chilled water. I want to say that we must wash our face with cold water after every few hours to induce a fresh glow and keep our skin healthy.

After following some of these natural remedies, my skin is almost free from pimples and I feel everyone should try to use these ingredients as they have magical properties which ensures that pimples vanishes as early as possible. I am going to share this article with my cousin who has pimples too.

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