Tips for Hair Fall Problem

I believe hair as the most important thing which specifies the type of appearance a person and his personality. I went through the article posted on

Link to the article these-simple-steps

This particular article is so much useful for me as now I can tell my father about ways to prevent hair fall using simple techniques. I found this article much needed as with increasing pollution in the environment it has lead to damage to the hairs and also leads to increasing amount of hair falls. According to a recent survey large number of men in Indian society suffers from hair falls below the age of 58 yrs which is a major point of concern.

The article indicates some of the basic techniques to strengthen the hairs from the root. I like the tip of using oil on a daily basis. My father does use artificial gels and now I would ask him to avoid using excess use of harmful chemicals like gels for supporting the hair looks. I never knew before reading the article that coconut milk or Indian herbs like neem and amla not only strengthens the hair and roots but also helps in increasing hair density and also cools the mind. Gels even though seems to be appealing, as they give style to the hairs are harmful if used excessively. They not only lead to hair fall but also cut the path of melanin in the hairs due to which the hairs become white and colourless.

The article tells about some of the natural remedies to fix and nourish the hair are Aloe Vera gel on hair which conditions the hairs and helps in making them soft and shiny. I will definitely get Aloe Vera from somewhere. Travelling in dirt and pollution leads to dirty hairs which becomes rough and degrades the quality of hairs and so use of shampoos are advised to keep the hairs smooth and fresh. Also the best part of the article is that it warns users that certain products should not be used excessively as they can cause harm to the skin of the head, but using them with proper dose can help hair regain. I will recommend my father Instead of using chemical dye which causes harm to hairs one can use naturally prepared organic “Mahanadi” as it colours the hairs and also cools the mind. The major point in the article is that is good to take care of hair but it should be done properly to alleviate the situation and not worsen it.

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