Keeping Skin Oil Free

I went through the article posted on which talks about ways to keep your skin oil free. It is good to know such tips which can protect skin in this summer heat.Following the article, here is my blog to my fans and readers about ways to protect skin and keep it oil free in summer.

With the increasing amount of pollution day by day, it has lead to degradation of our environment which causes many skin problems like oil clots, pimples, spots, dead skin, etc. To cope up with the daily routine and maintain the freshness of the body has become a difficult thing which now needs to be taken care of seriously. Today, working in an outdoor environment means dealing with oil and dirt which harms the skin and leads to spots of dead skin all around the face. Also increasing global warming plays a role in worsening the case, the increasing heat in the atmosphere leads to intense burning of the skin and leads to excess tanning of the skin.

However, use of face wash gels has become a necessity in the daily life routines of the people. Use of such gels makes the skin oil free and helps the skin to maintain its freshness all over the day. There are varieties of gels available in the market depending upon the type of skin on which it has to be applied. Some may require healing capacity, while some only require guard against oil and dust. Also the use of sun-screen creams has become common in the society as they protect the skin from intense burning and hence avoids tanning of the skin. However, the use of under-sleeve clothes help protect the regions of the body like, arms, elbows, from being exposed to the intense burning rays of the sun.

Summers also causes many health risks and it is avoid to go out in the noon to avoid the summer winds generally known as “looo” in Hindi. Eating onions help the body to gain immune towards such strong warm winds of the summer. Also there are some household methods by which we can prevent damage to skin. The inner fluid of the plant Aloe-Vera which we obtain by cutting the plant from between the two ends is very useful to make the skin feel cold and fresh. It also helps in removing spots from the skin and is generally advised to the patient who suffered from chickenpox, as it leaves behind scars and spots which can be healed by this. Use of mixture of lemon and gram flour helps in regaining the glow of the sing and refreshes it. It also helps in removing the blackheads from the skins which is very useful in daily life. We should take care of the health as it is due to good health only than one can succeed in life so always remember to look at the health first as Health is Wealth.

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