Giving Stong Fight to household odours

There  is  no  house  that has  not  faced  the  problem  of  bad  odour  in  bathroom, kitchen  and around the place where we live. The worst affected area is bathroom and  kitchen as it  is a place   which  has  humidity  and  moisture  all  the  time. Further moisture  and  water   acts  as breeding   ground  for  germs  and  bacteria  which   leads  to  bad  smell. Many   times  small  plumbing   issues   also  cause  foul   smell   in   bathrooms    to  remove  faulty   smell   get   faulty   plumbing  problem   repaired  ,  sunlight   kills  germs   and   bacteria  , regular  clean  your   bathroom   with  liquid disinfectant  or  with  washroom  cleaner.  We use it every day so that they eliminate bad odour and provide expert protection against harmful bacteria and can be used on many surfaces in your home for infection control purpose. Please do follow and say no to wet towels or clothes hanging   in the bathroom due to which bad smell occurs.

We should use exhaust fan and air freshener for neat and clean plus fresh environment. It sometimes feels horrible when  your  house  smell  irritates  u and then   it’s  hard to  focus  on  your  work. There are several ways of making our home odour free. We  can  light  a  scented  candle  use  a  plug  in  or stand  alone  air freshener .  We  should  keep  carpet  steam  clean  once  a  while  remove  dust   from  carpet  put  powder  and  clean from  vacuum  cleaner. We should ensure that garbage to be removed every morning. It is advisable once  u  wake  up  in  morning  open  all  windows  for  fresh  air. If the windows are open for a short while then it will help in better circulation. We  should  clean  our  fridge   after  month  so that  no bad  smell  comes from  food  or  from  fridge with cleaner .It is part  of our  weekly  routine  that bed  sheet   should  be  changed  at  once  in  a  week  for  a  freshly  laid  clean. Shoes smell is very irritating in monsoon season and so we should clean shoes  rack  daily  so , that  no  smell  comes  from  them .We should make our  home  a  no  smoking  zone and this  is  very  important for our health and surrounding. We  should  clean  and  keep  our  surroundings  neat  so ,  that  no  bad smell  can  take  place. In the end the best way to remove foul smell is planting more and more trees around our surroundings. Daily dusting of house keeps our home secure and safe from smell and makes it smiley.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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