Fighting the Odour Issues

My home is the center focal point of my small world, it’s a place where I recharge myself and spend time with my family. Happiness for me is when we feel good and have clean surrounding around us with there is no stinky and foul smell. It is such moments which gives us peace of mind and calmness but it is hard to get all this at home these days. Time had changed now and earlier times were age of golden era with less pollution. It is very much important to stay away in clean atmosphere as it directly affects the health. We all kind of Litterbug which hides in all of us and do notorious things and still takes pride and has no shame or feeling of guilt. I think time has come that all we stand together and fight out to make this litterbug out of us and make our home better place to live.

It is found that if rooms are closed for several days than we can use oil drops of such as eucalyptus, citrus fruits like orange etc which can eliminate the source of the smell and odour. Sometimes we have relatives at our home who just to meet us and spend good time with us. Then if one of them smokes and puffs in the air, the smell rolls in the air and it feels like we are also smoking with him. The smoke from cigarette can be very harmful to health and can cause cancer and other serious issues. The best way to counter this smokier is to use small towel and put some drops of white vinegar over it, Then swing it the room where the smoker is puffing the cigarratte.It will definitely reduce the smell.

Few months back, I had to somehow restrict myself from eating my favourite butter chicken and fried fish food which are so delightful. It was all due to the smell coming during the cooking process and afterwards from utensils that would spread everywhere in the house. It was not at all liked by my mother is who vegetarian and does not like it all. As a result it was decided that it would be cooked at home but now I don’t need to worry about the odour it leaves behind as Ambi pur helps to eliminate the smell within few seconds. I am very happy for this as now I can eat my favourite food again. I am very thankful to Ambi pur for making such effective product to counter all smell and odour issues easily.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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