Big Hug Awaits you Dad!

My father is my mentor and reason for my success in my lifetime. He taught me the basic rules of life and understanding value of money. He would give me coins for doing some work in our farm land during my summer vacation which helped me understand about how difficult it is to earn money and how easy to spend it. He has been a pillar of strength and given me the best education and moral education so that I can judge and make right decisions in my life. I remember once from my childhood days when we had a bad season and our crops were destroyed. It was really difficult for him to pay our fees but still he told me to continue my education and he will take care of everything else. I owe a lot to him for his guidance and motivation every day in my life.

After so many years and having such a strong bonding in our relationship, I think there is need to give him something extra ordinary this father day. I want to surprise on upcoming father’s day to make it feel special. I have seen many people with different ideas in order to express their love and emotions. Some people are very creative and innovative. I have read about giving helicopter ride, expensive gifts and gadgets in order to express love on the father day. But nothing can beat my idea to surprise him with a hug in front of all my family members and relatives. I feel like throwing the party this father’s day and stand on the stage and speak up few words in his honour and then give me a shawl and hug him. I would then give him a bouquet of flowers with a personalized thanking message from my side expressing my emotions through pen and paper. The reason why I to give him hug than other things because it will be instant and ensure that I love him. Other gifts like car or gadgets can be bought but this is priceless moment which will stay for him throughout his life. It will convey him the message that I love him for being my care taker and teaching me every day so that I can sustain a better living and achieve something more every day. My hug would show my true love and affection to my father as it is said that the more eye-popping is your gift, the bolder your move!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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