#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

I am one of the next generation male and take my skin and face more seriously and always ready to spend money on products which make me look young and attractive plus free from skin problems. Pimple was the main cause of embarrassment for me during my school days and while in college. It is a small reason of acne and pimples that I almost lost my confidence. At one point of time, I had lost battle with pimple but it was the herbal way and certain tips of home remedies by my close relatives helped me to come over it.

If you are having the pimple or acne issues then I must recommend you to try using herbal and Ayurveda natural ways to get rid of them. My advice to you is to apply orange fruit pack with papaya and cucumber plus add some honey to it and apply it daily. Further wash it with cold water and clean your face. Another alternative you must try is to use Aloe Vera and neem leaves which will make you feel cool and get rid of blackheads through its special formula. If you follow this advice and use it for latest five days a week regularly then you will definitely see the change and completely eliminate the pimple issue. Time had changed now and earlier times were age of golden era with less pollution. One of most causes of dry or dead skin is our food diet and dehydration. We should intake plenty of water and make sure that the food we eat is rich in important minerals like vitamins, protein etc and do take a note that it should have low sugar content and almost zero cholesterol. It is not safe anymore to drink fresh water directly from tap. Now we need aqua guard and water filter to consume water. But it is not good for skin as it loses some of important minerals during the filtering process. It is advisable from me that you must buy a mud pot and put water and drink from it. It is very good for our skin as it remains cool without losing the water minerals.

Indian spices are not just famous for flavours but also have many medicinal properties. I am talking about Turmeric powder which beautifies the skin if applied in form of mixture with lemon juice and then washed off with chilled water. Sometimes we also complain about our teeth related to its colour. The natural way of cleaning the teeth so that they look whiter is too use charcoal powder for brushing our teeth instead of toothpaste. Dandruff is another big issue which is most common in northern India. There are so many anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner who claim to solve the issue but it looks more like a marketing strategy to sell their product. But I think the best natural shampoo or conditioner for the hair is the white curd. We should mix with sort egg yolk with curd to make hair smooth, silky and dandruff free.

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VICCO Turmeric Cream video


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