Rocking at Right time

Every parent feels that their children are real asset for their family and their life revolves around them and solving their issues and help them in every possible way and to give them best comfort and happy life. As a parent, I am more satisfied when my child is happy and healthy. When I come back from office, I can see the atmosphere joyful and relaxed when I see our kid relaxing, enjoying or playing with his games. But when our kid has some issues, my wife would even sometime ignore me or forget to ask me for water when I return from office. Singing music and dancing with my kids helps me to relax a bit.

But few months back I got the assignment to set up base camp in Jammu district to meet our clients and distributors. Honestly I was trying to avoid the trip or delay it for time being but soon I realized that Jammu and Kashmir is new area to explore and I should challenge myself and take this opportunity forward. I reached Kashmir and first impression was extreme greenery with clean roads and less traffic. As soon I moved near Anantnag area, there was a feeling of high level of threat and negativity. It felt like being unsafe in heaven and tense situation in the paradise on earth. Somehow I reached the hotel and somebody informed me that area will be closed due to curfew. I was in full tension and while sitting in my room, I was trying to remember some cool moments spent with family and kids. It was the horrible night in the bed with sense of fear that anything could happen. There was no TV or any sort of entertainment.Next day I heard in the morning that famous dancer Allu Arjun and one of greatest singer Anushka Manchanda were present in the same hotel. I came to know that they had a concert in this hotel but was cancelled due to security reasons.In the evening the situation was much better and calm and hotel manager requested both of them to do something to energize and spread positive and happiness in the hotel. I was surprised that they agreed and a small event was organised for all the guests and it was complimentary for everyone. I felt really cool when they performed in front of small gathering and we had a ball that night dancing with Allu Arjun and listening to sensational Anushka voice.People forgot everything for some time and were really thankful to them for giving them some sort of joy. Next day there was news that curfew is no more and all of us went checked out of the hotel to catch the first flight home. It was one of the out of world experience for me.

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