Celebrating Life

Life is about fulfilling about basic needs and never ending human aspirations. I feel happiness is around us and we do not need money or fame to get happiness in life. Moving forward in life is ways to get happy in life. All special memories together with family make it very special for me and I enjoy life. Simple things can even make you happy and make life very interesting and colourful. I consider small things as more important than money or luxury which can give me more comfort and keep me happy anytime. Dance gives me comfort and acts like a medicine to me. Dance helps me to overcome all my fatigue and stress behind and help me to divert my mind from my office problems. Right from my childhood, I have been a fan of Kishore kumar and love to rhyme his songs. I am more like a bathroom singer and try to copy dance steps of actors when I get a chance to attend the wedding or any opportunity that knocks my door. Dance is idol thing as it also attracts my friends and relatives so we often have a dance party or music night at home which bonds my relationship with friends and relatives.

After completing my education and getting a job, I got married as per my parent’s choice and for few months it was difficult to adjust and show my love. But with time I feel like having her is the best gift in my life and there is no single day that I can spend without talking to hereafter so many years and having such a strong bonding in our relationship, my heart has become soft again and I feel she is my real crush. In order to express my love, I thought to take her to a dream date near at a location away to five star hotel roof top. With help of my social network I connected with south superstar Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda and they accepted my request to make my proposal special.

It was her birthday and I felt it was perfect occasion. As planned I took her to dinner and invited close friends. After cutting the cake, I held her hand and then bend on my knees and proposed her that she is one of the most beautiful women and my love of life. While this was the beginning, Anushka Manchanda made it special with her romantic song and then I danced as per Allu Arjun.I cannot thank enough for helping me out and their presence made it really awesome.I owe a lot of credit for doing this for me.

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