My Airtel App

It is great to know that Airtel has launched its own new application Airtel app with various new exciting features and free offers for the airtel users. The new airtel app gives you so many reasons to smile and download it. It is smart and matches everyone requirements for people who want to have ease of experience while recharging and paying their mobile bill.

Three key features of Airtel app which have really impressed me and has given a new dimension to the way we deal with our daily issues related to mobile recharging and online transaction are –

1.Airtel Surprises and Shake feature

We Indians are brought up in a way that we always want to have value for money. I am using airtel mobile number for many years but never got full talk time for every transaction or any other extra benefit. But now I am really happy and feeling good with “Airtel Surprises” feature present in the airtel application. The benefit is that with every recharge, I will get free shopping coupons of popular brands belonging to different categories like shopping, spa, movies and fast food joints. The airtel app also includes the shake feature where just to need to shake the Smartphone and it will show the best recharge offers. This feature is much needed as sometimes finding the best deal for recharge is difficult and we have to browse different sites.

2.Amazing ‘I Want To’ Service

Airtel has gone extra mile this time to connect with their customers and give importance to their valuable time. The new airtel app helps users to save their previous recharge and payments details so that transaction process is made simple and recharge is done hassle free and quickly. The application also tell the users about low balance and give information on due date of payment at the home screen itself. The airtel application is right tool for me as I can check my internet data usage and plan my future plan accordingly. There are so many added services which act as shortcut that I can view on airtel app home screen panel.

3.Fast, Convenient and Secure App

Now I do not have to browse airtel website to pay my bills or use a third party application. I can just go to airtel app and pay the amount instantly for mobile recharge or DTH service. The system seems to be very user friendly and secured with PCIDSS certification. The app can store card details and we do not have to punch the details for every transaction. We can also directly contact the airtel customer car through the app without calling the customer care number.

I would highly recommend this user friendly airtel app to all the airtel users as it can really help and save time.

Download the app from here –


Love My First Expert

The feeling of having a mother is beyond imagination as it gives you inner strength and confidence. My mother is always there to open the door and greet me once I come home from office or business tour. It is the best feeling when I see her face and this cannot be expressed in words. I always consider my mother as a gift from god and feel nothing can be compared to this in front of whole world. She prays for me daily and gives me blessings that my wishes are fulfilled and I get all content and happiness in my life.

I always feel very much connected to my mother from the very first day of my life. It is only the mother who could understand my problems even when I could not even speak. She would make funny face and sing rhyme to divert his attention to make me smile. My mother is the best cook the world as she prepares for me all these mouth watering dishes with fewer spices and delicious in taste. Her food shows her love for me. Her dedication and love for me is so much that she took the initiative to learn driving so that she can drop me to school to attend extra class and take me to health check-up regularly without even bothering anyone.

I can recall those memories when my mother would encourage me and pray to God and do all sorts of thing to make my life easier and help me to get a start in my career. She never pressurized me in tough times and gave me time and pocket money till the time I was unemployed. I consider my mother as mentor and an inspiration as she has motivated me to follow my dreams and given me wings of freedom throughout my career. I owe a lot to him for her guidance and motivation every day in my life. She taught me the basic rules of life and understanding value of money.

I was not good in Mathematics and would often get fewer marks in it. At that point, my mother would teach me leaving all her household work. She would sit with me for hours till midnight. It was really tough for me but her coaching helped me to attain good marks in my school. I also remember while preparing for my army entrance exam, she helped me to lose weight so that I could qualify for the same. I was able to lose weight and it could be possible with her help as she took the pain to run with me for hours and then also do the household work.

I love my mother for being my care taker and teaching me every day something new so that I can sustain a better living.

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Ek Nayi League

The fever of cricket is always high in India whether it is one day or limited over match. Cricket is the source of happiness for people in India and we love watching the Indian Premier League. But with time passage this league is losing the glamour and attraction which was during the first few years. It is time to move forward and bring something more exciting which can be full of excitement and people get more entertainment. Well if you are feeling the same then do not worry as the cricket magician Kapil Dev has taken the task to revive the game and bring it in a new and better format. He has announced starting of Ek Nayi league through his twitter handle last week. There is too much of thrill and speculation about the league and how it is going to change the game of cricket in coming days.

This new league mystery continues to catch the attention of people as Kapil Dev has announced that anyone who plays it with heart and emotions is bound to lose the game. Even I am excited to know how will this league going to change and will it be related to cricket or would be something else. Kapil Dev has posted some really cool videos about the league where he inviting celebrities from bollywood and famous cricketers to check out this incredible new league. In reality nobody knows about it except Kapil Dev but this involves participation of both men and women and could be a team game. There is a chance that league requires more practical approach and there may be time bound restrictions. It could be a reality show where survival of the fittest could be the way to move forward. There are signs that emotions and human sentiments would not matter and you need move forward and come out of emotions and be less sensitive to your team mates. The league teams could be from different states and there could be bidding for celebrities similar to Indian Premier League.

The league could also be part of efforts to motivate children and teenagers to take up sports in the school. It could be a talent hunt league where young boys and girls are given a chance to show their sporting talent. This league could help in sponsorship and funding of poor children who are good in sports but cannot take it forward as they have to earn bread for the family. This league could be a source of medium in order to check the potential of children with help of celebrities and bollywood stars. The league could give a platform and inspire many young people to learn and get training from such professionals. There is a possibility that league may be hosted by Kapil Dev and sports person could come for interview purpose.