Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Life is about fulfilling about basic needs and never ending human aspirations. The first thing which comes to my mind is the food which is requirement to stay alive and do other things in life. We all work and earn money to fulfil our basic requirements and other secondary things. The first meal in the morning is the breakfast and the kind of breakfast sets the tone for the day. I am always in a hurry in morning and consider eating junk food or processed ready to eat food in the breakfast. I feel it is enough for the day and then head to my office. But now I realize that something is missing from my diet as my weight has increased over the years and my cholesterol level has increased. Certainly I think there is need to change something in my diet. I feel embarrassed at times when people make fun of me and my body shape. My close friends has advised me to change my food habits and recommended me visit Guptaji’s house to have some healthy food and has smacking taste too. I have come to know about this famous family as they are known for their Kellogg cornflakes breakfast. Their breakfast is unique and creative as it is made from cornflakes and covers more than hundred varieties of recipes for the breakfast. This sounds interesting to me as how can we have so much variety in the breakfast itself.

Guptaji family is always prepared with recipes for different occasions and as per the situation and environment. They have bundle of cornflakes recipes for entire family. Their menu card involves Indian as well continental food using cornflakes. I want to name a few like Cornflake Popcorn Clusters or Cornflakes Chivda. Then they have Cornflake salad and cheesy snacks in the platter. This can be combined with combination of Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes with Cornflake Coconut Ladoos. I would love to eat Cornflakes Fruity Yoghurt Cup and Honey Nuts Cornflakes as it is so much enriched with nutrients and helps in reducing weight and keep body strong against diseases.

All these mouth watering dishes with fewer spices and delicious in taste forces me to visit the Guptaji once and have healthy breakfast. The best point for me here is that I can enjoy the food and there is no tension or reason to worry about eating more. The food served by them is rich in important minerals like vitamins, protein etc and unique point is low sugar content and almost zero cholesterol. I also like about their way of using Cornflake as in combination with Indian food and still it takes less time to cook and can be served within few minutes.

I find win-win situation for me and have so many reasons to visit Guptaji house and get more information about Kellogg’s cornflakes recipe so I can prepare myself too and enjoy the meal.

This post is part of Kellogg’s India and check this video now


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